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WWKP Who has the banner???



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    I can update your pin. The people who are on the list who have not received the banner usually have a generic location. If you want to send me your exact location, I'd be happy to update the map. If anyone wants additional details on their PIN, you can send that to me as well. Usually, I put your forum name, flickr name, website, and link to one of the images in the flickr pool.

    Also, sometimes I get antsy, and update the markers before the banner reaches its' destination. If you have the compass rose as your marker, you can expect to get the banner.
  • Thanks Mike. In the Polish mountains the first snow fell. };o)
  • Banner is on the way to Piotr. When it exactly arrives depends on our post office, but typically it takes 1-2 days.

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    It's already! It is a fantastic! }:O)))))))

    Piotr BKT
  • I like how your dog is guarding it. Good to see the new artwork/signatures on the banner.
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    In the area of ​​Gniezno, Poland began as a country. Gniezno was the first capital of the state. Windmills, in olden times, an integral view of central Poland.



    Windmills in Lednogóra, 10 km from Gniezno
  • image

    It was a very nice time, now on in your way. :O(

  • Hello All!!
    Banner has already safely arrived to Sweden (Niklas Olsson).
  • Hi All

    How long may I keep it? I have not enough wind for my type of kite :( And it will stay calm for a some more days
    Normally this is a windy place. All I mananged are some ground photos.

    Best regards
    Niklas O

  • Niklas,
    Two weeks is ok to keep the banner.
  • The banner will be returning home to Bas for some repairs after its' current stop in Denmark with Ralf. This short stop signifies a journey completely around the world for the banner in just over 3 years. The banner has had its' share of adventures, and wanted to thank everyone who has participated, patience for those waiting, and to Ramiro for his administration of the Banner route. I believe that the banner is scheduled for a run through England and Spain next. Congratulations to the whole KAP community and the WWKP project.

    The WWKP map has been updated, and I've changed the route colors to correspond to the different years of the project.
  • What's the latest on The Banner?

  • The banner was sent to Ralf in early November. I'll send him an e-mail in addition to this post to send the banner on. Keeping it for an extended period of time doesn't help the project, and we can always send it back your way in the future.
  • Please note that if myself or Ramiro contact you about the banner, we're not trying to be jerks, we're just trying to follow up on the project. It's difficult enough to manage the location and the next step of the banner without getting grief on the status when you have it. All I am saying is that this is supposed to be a community project, so please be sensitive on how long you hold onto the banner. If the wind doesn't work out for you, we can always send it back to you in the future. I'd be happy to relinquish my part in the project and hand over the updating the map to someone else if I'm overstepping my role. Otherwise, don't take it personally if we make a request to keep the banner moving.
  • I agree with Mike. I'll ask all the KAP community members participating on this project to please be sensitive about how long each one keeps the banner and try to reply our contact emails timely.
    If you are not able to do some kap while contacted, please don't be worry, we can schedule another visit in the future.
  • Hi all,

    how do we get involved in the project? has the flag already been to the uk?

  • Still waiting for its UK arrival, soon we hope.
  • Banner is now traveling to the Netherlands. Bas will be doing some repair, and then will return to the road.... (next stop UK, weather permiting).
  • The banner arrived today.
    For the future, if there is some damage to the banner don't try to repair it, but send the banner back to me. The repair now, with a lot of reinforced tape, gives me now more problems to repair the banner in a proper way than if it was send direct to me after the damage.
    I will try to fix it as soon as possible..
    Ramiro, what is the next address? Send it to this email address. jbv4071(ad)gmail(dot) com
  • Hello Everybody,
    Bas is still working on the banner repair (it took longer than expected).
    We'll let you know hen the banner is ready to go back to the road again.
    As Bas said, in case of an accident that gets some damage in the banner, PLEASE DON?T TRY TO REPAIR IT!!! Just let me know to and we'll let you know Bass postal address to ship the banner for repair.
  • Hello Everybody!!
    Bas is doen with the banner repair and we are continuing with the WWKP....
    Next stop is UK starting in Guernsey. Stay tunned....
  • Just to say the banner is now winging its way in a north-easterly direction from South Devon to Oxfordshire (to Hamish in fact).

    Weather here was pretty miserable, but I got some photos:
    KAP Banner in Totnes
    The Banner at Haytor
  • SueSue
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    Hi. I'm glad in the banner is in Britain at last. Dave, do you have photos of the general area you were KAPing/bannering in? That makes it more interesting for others around the world.
    I will be going down to Uttoxeter for Easter (I'm staying on the racecourse where I'm taking some kite workshops and kite flying with the Camping Club Folk Group. My session is late afternoon. ) and staying till the end of the week at Treetops Hospice, RISLEY near Derby.
    Two years ago I met up with Puffin - Barry for a very windy KAP session. Midlands KAPers could maybe meet up again for a mini KAP session to fly the banner and I could take it up to Yorkshire to pass on to Martin Roe.

    Fly high

  • Hi Sue

    there's a set I took at Haytor back in 2007:
    Strangely Flattened
    and lots of photos of Totnes like this one:
    The Leechwell Garden
  • Thank you Dave, that's great

    Fly High

  • Thats an interesting idea Sue, it may work depending on my work availablity?
  • The banner website has been updated. Good to see it moving again!
  • Blimey! It's made it to the UK?

    Wonders will never cease.

  • Is the banner stuck in the snow? :-(
  • Suitable wind windows have finally arrived. The banner has been photographed from the air accompanied by snow on the ground, photos to follow. banner should get into the post again on Thursday unless the weather looks good enough for a personal special delivery to the next participant (puffin) on Good Friday.
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