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WWKP Who has the banner???



  • The snow here is pretty bad, a local road had a 15foot drift Monday morning! Spent the morning clearing over 2 ton of snow off my small flat roof after it came down off the main roof with a thump at 2.40 am this morning, taking the gutter and barge board with it. My village made the local BBC news because of the volume of snow which is very unusual for the time of year and area. Around 40 cms came down last weekend. With more forecast Hamish, I'd be very careful?
  • Its in my hand's at the moment, cheers Hamish.
  • Hi Puffin
    I'm now at Uttoxeter racecourse till wednesday as planned. I'm free till mid afternoon each day. Do you still have my telephone number?
    The roads are OK round here. We went to Carsington water today. The snow ploughs have been out in the hills and the A& B roads are OK even there.
    We're expecting to stay till the 6th near Ashbourne.
    Is anyone else up for a KAP/Banner flying mini meetin the area?

    Fly High

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    I had 5 attempts at the photographing the banner, with mixed successes, but not quite what I was after.

    The weather has not been great, the best weather arrived once the banner dried out and packed back into its box ready for Puffin.

    Churchill, Oxfordshire [1] Worldwide KAP Community Project

    Churchill, Oxfordshire [2] Worldwide KAP Community Project

    Dragon Hill, Uffington - WWKP banner

    Northleach, Gloucestershire [1] Worldwide KAP Community Project

    Northleach, Gloucestershire [2] Worldwide KAP Community Project

  • @Hamish. That's a great effort with the Cody and the banner, well done!

    @Sue. Having been snowed in this time last week for 5 days I have unfortunately had to work this weekend, as I'm not far from Ashbourne. It's a pity but being agency staff I only get to know when I'm working at short notice.

    As you say the roads are being cleared but just be aware that some of the more remote/higher Peak District areas are still only passable by a single vehicle width. Only this morning has the snow blower been to widen the single track down Blaze Hill, we are only 20 miles from the centre of Manchester as the crow flies!!!! So take care as the high walls of snow are now beginning to melt ans are falling into the road.

  • @ toadstone. Short notice is OK - especially after Wednesday.
    Thanks for the warning about the ploughed snow falling onto roads. I'm not used to deep snow like there is in the Pennines. I live below sea level!!
    @ Hamish. Great to see banner photos from the UK. Well done. The battle with the elements continues with Puffin.

    I'm taking a KAP workshop on Monday with the Folk Group at Uttoxeter. We have a good forecast for the next few days so it should be fun. We are making sleds this afternoon.

    Fly High

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    First chance of being on line I've had since getting the banner. Hamish, thanks for hand delivery of the banner, I was a bit worse for wear. First day off for a few weeks, so sorry for the short meeting. Sue, just been too busy to get up to Uttoxeter and I seem to have lost your number. The wind has been blowing a gail all week, 20 to 40 mph, I did attempt a short flight, but when the rig hangs "OVER" the kite line its time to fight it down.
    The messages on the banner are amazing, some have faded, may be down to none permanent ink markers? I've photographed 50 of them, check your signature here

    I've added my own using sharpie pens. I'm hoping for better weather this coming week, but its not looking too good so I may end up with a ground based picture of the banner at Middleton Hall.

    KAP Banner messages

  • Cool that it is moving again, and frustrating that it was so close, with Bas in the netherlands.... ;-)
  • Sorry we didn't get to meet up again Barry. I believe my phone no. would have been in your message box on this forum. I'm now on the way home a bit later than expected as my sister, who was motorhoming with me, got the flu on Friday. Hope you manage to fly the banner now the weather is a bit better

    Fly High

  • @ Ramiro
    I've sent you my address on the email you gave me in the message box.
    I look forward to having the banner at last.


    Fly High

  • Sue,
    Got your email. I You are the next participant in the list.
  • Thanks Ramiro I HOPE our weather continues to improve so I can do the banner justice.

    Fly High

  • Barry, your pictures of signatures are a great addition. Thanks!

  • No problem guys, I thought that those who had the banner early on would like to see the signatures as they would be unlikely to see the banner again! Also the way some are fading I wanted to record them before they completely disappear. I'm hoping to get a weather window in the next week, then the banner will be winging its way to Hull, Sue.
  • Any luck yet Puffin? It was a decent day yesterday Sat 1eth April and seems to be a good forecast for Monday. Hope you've found your 'window' for Kapping the banner

    Fly High

  • Sue,
    as we know the winds can sometimes be slow, and fickle. watching the banner travel i
    admire the concept, and doubt it would do much good to post it to western massachussets,
    new england....considering our hit and miss wind...but if we could take it to the cape late summer..

    fly high and keep your eye on the sky...
  • I've been very, very busy the last couple of weeks, the wind has been very wild and woolly, up to 60mph at times. So ended up looking for suitable flying conditions and managed a session on the 19th April in Llandudno, North Wales and a grabbed a few ground based images at Middleton Hall, Warwickshire (Historic site of the first know U.K. KAP Image but the Hall was closed though the car park was open) and at Tamworth, Staffordshire today. The banner is now boxed and ready to post to Sue in the next day or so.
  • Great! I'm glad you got your sessions in at last Barry. I look forward to seeing the photos.
    It looks like I'll have the banner for WWKW. :-))

    Fly High

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    Thanks for the update Barry! Please don't forget to post your pics in the WWKP Flickr group.
  • It was posted this morning Sue, 2 to 3 days delivery time, yes in time for WWKW.

    Ramiro, just going through several thousand images. I'll post them in the next few days. Its been a pleasure being able to participate in this project, many thanks to everyone involved.
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    Me and the other half, the building behind us, is the main hall at Middleton, the car on the right is on the circle in front of the hall, the one that appeared on the first UK KAP Image. Between me and the circle is the newly cleared out moat.

    Middleton 2013-04-23_00003

    The sign on the main roads. Note the dates for the biuldings.

    Middleton 2013-04-23_00002
  • Thanks Barry.
    I've looked at " my" weather forecast and it looks pretty good with good - not strong - winds and even spring like weather. I'll have to get the sun cream out.
    Good to see your photos above and to see your ' other half' taking part in the fun.

    Fly High
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    Cheers Sue, here is my set on Flickr
    and my fav. image, you don't need to be high to get a KAP image!

    Llandudno 2013-04-19_00047
  • Hi Barry!

    I see that a lot of you have worked with banner. I also very much enjoyed. Banner is great! Well done! :O)))


    Piotr BKT

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    I can't think of better hands ( gloves ) for the banner to be in for WWKW! Please sign Eric's name too...

  • Sue,
    I'm really glad that you'll have the banner during the WWKW 2013.
    I second Paul's request. Please sign Eric's name in the banner too.
  • Barry,
    Please don't forget to post this two last pictures in the WWKP group. They are really cool!!
  • @ Paul and Ramiro
    Thank you for the kind suggestion to sign the banner for Eric (my late husband who enjoyed KAPing as much as I do.) I will gladly do that.
    I expect to receive the banner tomorrow Friday 26 April 2013.
  • SueSue
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    The banner arrived today. Thanks Barry. This is it spread out in my front garden.

    WWKP BANNER. It's arrived,

    A lovely surprise was that there were some souvenirs from Ningaloo and Puffin. And a little photo album with photos from round the world. What a great idea. .
    I have a "sunny with scattered showers" forecast for a few days and then better weather by next weekend.

    I'm going to be "flying High"

  • Digital is kind of like Fairy dust? Does not take much for it to disappear in the computer world. A small token of the KAP'ed site will live a lot longer. Enjoy the week Sue, Eric would love to be remembered on the banner.
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