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WWKP Who has the banner???



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    Hello Friends,
    Today the banner was at Kinderdijk, NL, flying high :-)

    Cheers, Hans.


  • Excellent Hans, brings back happy memories of KAPiNed.
    Well done on such a unique place for the Banner. Another World Heritage Site for the banner too.
  • Awesome creativity and use of props. Might be my favorite banner pic so far.
  • Love it and I like seeing my bit in the right lower corner!
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    I missed something here ...
    So I make it up by putting some images of the banner.
    Hans sent me once he had finished with it.
    I have not had too much luck with the weather because during the time I kept it, there was not much wind which is quite unusual (but I will not complain too much because it was beautiful {:o).

    In the courtyard of the school :

    On the beach :

    The semaphore of Landéda :

    At the Pointe Saint Mathieu where I had invited two other members of the French forum :

    My signature on the banner:

    Now the banner is gone for a ride in the Vendée and Normandy before KapiFrance ...

    Sorry for my English: it's not me, it's Google Translation ...
    ... but if it had been me, it could have been worse: o)))

  • SueSue
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    Some of us Brits added ourselves to Puffin's map of Britain while the banner was at KAPiFrance125. It was good to have it there.There was so much going on we didn't' have a special photo taken which was a shame.
    Simon put a panorama (on the KAPiFrance forum page) of the conference room with the banner and some of us during a presentation.

    Fly High

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    That's brilliant Sue, I'm happy that those attending had the chance to update their positions on the UK map. Did someone get the chance to photograph it?
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    A few shots of the banner today in Ottawa with KAPers Rob Huntley and Matt Young. Nice sunny day and 2 degrees.
  • Just to let you know that I have the banner. At this time of the year, it's dark at 5:00pm so I rely on weekends to take pictures. It might take a few weeks.
    Last weekend, we barely had any wind. Hopefully this weekend will be better. We might have some snow too. :-)
  • Yvon, take your time and send it down south, we have sun, wind and no snow in Tahiti !!!
  • Hello Yvon, since the banner is here in Ontario, I look forward to it's arrival here in Newmarket. It seems like years have past since signing on for the project.
  • Hi Henk,
    The banner is actually here, in Dieppe, New Brunswick. LOL

    I'm hoping to finally take pictures this weekend. During the week it's dark after work and the last weekends has not been kite friendly.
    Maybe I should take pictures in the dark with spot lights. LOL.

    I was going to send it to Pierre Lesage in Tahiti. I'm not sure how this work as far as who gets it next. Is there a list somewhere?

  • SueSue
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    Hi there Yvon
    Rpreiju usually emails the banner holder with the address of the next one to receive it so you can be in touch directly. There is also a web page map of tHe past, current and future track of the banner here
    though the map isn't up to date the photos are and the only links on the map now is to the immediate past KAPers. Maybe it's still a work in progress.

    Fly High

  • Hello Yvon,
    I'll be sendig you an email with the next participant you should send the banner. and the map are currently under maintenance but will be updated shortly.
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    I was planning to KAP with the banner this weekend but today it's -20C (-30C with the wind) and a big snow storm in the forecast for tomorrow. :-(

    In the mean time, here's a 93megapixel photo of the banner if you want to see all the signatures. Some of them didn't age very well.

    Banner (93Megapixels - 68Mbytes)

    And here's my signature:


  • YvonH,
    Thanks for the banner HiRes picture!! It is beautiful to see how the banner is changing with the time!
  • You're welcome.

    I forgot to mention that even if the banner looks yellowish on the photo, it is actually white. It's the wall behind the banner that was yellow.
  • The banner is on the move again. I sent it to Pierre Lesage this morning. Tracking number 1124658-103449. I will post a few photos soon.
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    Here are a few photos that I managed to take between storms.
    The 2 first ones were taken in a really windy day just before the snow started.

    On the 3rd one I'm holding the banner with my parents. I had the perfect setup with 6 teenagers holding the banner in the snow but the camera didn't take any photos. By the time I realized that, they were all gone so my parents gave me a hand.



  • Congratulation Yvon.
  • Yvon probably sent the banner from Canada to Tahiti by boat... as it has not arrived yet on our shores...
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    It should be there soon. They wanted 120$ to ship by air. By boat it was 50$. I'll try to trace it tonight.
  • I think we should have delivered it in person. LOL

    By the way Pierre, what is the diameter of your Dynema line you've been using?
  • Here's the tracking number: CC194246215CA. The other number I gave earlier was the wrong one. For some reasons, there's 2 numbers on the receipt.

    The banner left Vancoucer Canada on January 20th.
  • OFF TOPIC, sorry!
    Andr, I must have missed you at st. Matthieu by days. What a great place. I stayed in Tregastel and did some KAPping there.
    It is lovely to watch the banner move across our planet.
  • I checked the tracking for the banner and it hasn't changed for more than a month. So much for the 6 to 8 weeks that the guy told me. It's been about 3 months. I will start questioning them to see if i can get an update.
  • Yvon, I have been traveling for the past 4 weeks but just received message from Heidy that the banner has not reached our PO box in Tahiti, yet.
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    I opened a ticket with Canada Post to trace it. I got an email from them yesterday saying that the expected date to be resolved is June 23, 2014. This is ridiculous.

    I just called and after going through infinite number of menus on the phone, I finally talked to someone. She told me that in about 10 days a representative working on my ticket will contact me to give me an update. In the mean time, Pierre, if you receive it, let us know.

    Maybe I should have paid that extra 70$ to get it there by plane.

    I started thinking of making a new banner if they can't find it.

    It's a good thing that I took a Hi-Res photo of it before shipping it but I just hope that it gets there soon.

  • YvonH,
    Please call the Post in a couple of days to get an update regarding the tracking progress.
    Waiting ten days to get an update is absolutely unacceptable after waiting for three months to get the package delivered. You are right, it would have been better to pay the extra $70.
    Getting a new banner is not an option that I want to think about right now.
  • Good news, the banner just arrived this morning !!! Who is next on the list ?
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