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WWKP Who has the banner???



  • I wish I were higher on the waiting list.
  • That is a relief and just in time for Easter.
  • @Rpigot

    Most of us have had to wait quite a while. The banner started its journey in 2009 and didn't get to the UK until 2013 so all those of us here had to wait 4 years. I doubt you'll have to wait that long!
  • i will be patient Dave.
  • Thank you Pierre! I'm glad that the banner made it to Tahiti finally!!!
    I'll contact you by email with the next participant info.
  • What a relief. Last week I was at Fedex for work and out of curiousity i asked the lady how much it would have cost to use them instead of Canada Post. She said about 200$. That made me think if there was a way to plan the movement of the banner to minimize long trip. This will minimize the risk of being lost, spend less time in transit and save expensive shipping cost.
  • Yvon,
    Yes, there is a plan to minimize the cost of the banner moving (we work constantly on that).
    In fact, in this case, the original idea was that Pierre would pick up the banner after KAPiFrance and take it with him.

    The banner is a beautiful piece of art made by Bas that has been traveling around the world for five years now, so as you can imagine it is not possible (o very hard) to put a price on it.

    The main idea of the banner moving is to prioritize the banner safety and project participation.
    In my opinion saving $70 on shipping and having the project stopped for 4 months has no sense.
    If a participant has some budget problems to ship the banner to the next participant, I'd ask He/She please to contact Mike or me, so we can study some alternatives.


  • I shipped an 11 metre carp pole (for PAP) to Pierre in Tahiti for £30 via UPS. It cost the same when I shipped poles to the USA and Canada. These pole packages weighed over 3 kg. The banner is large, but it's not that heavy and I can't believe UPS would charge more than £30 to ship it anywhere in the world. $200 sounds crazy.
  • Dave,
    I shipped the banner from Argentina to USA and the weight of the banner and a postcard in a cardboard box was 550g (that means around 1/2 a kilogram).
  • Hi Ramiro,
    I fail to see the link between saving $70 and the 4 months. Parcels get lost or delayed everyday no matter how much you pay for it. I feel like your blaming this on me but there's no link between what I paid and the delay caused by the courrier.

    Having to ship about 7000 miles away from a small city to another small city increases the risk of delays in shipping.
    And yes, $120 is a lot of money over here especially for shipping an envelop.

  • My 7 year old daughter smiling for the camera:
    (I still need to post details of my RC TX re-boxing - my daughter is holding the result)

    My two youngest children holding the banner:

    We got caught in the rain, so I I hung my 9' Delta from the washing line to dry:

    Our contribution to the banner:

    For more details and photos of this KAP session, see my blog.
  • It's lovely to see the banner again, now at the opposite side of the world to me in England. I Hope you can have a sunny session with the banner before you send it on its way☺☺
    Great to have the family so involved.

    Fly High

  • I very nearly posted a note last night to ask where in the world the banner is, and hey presto, it's down in my favourite WA!
    Keep it moving!....
  • Yes! It is back in business. Great.

    I guess my 5 year old signature will have faded by now. Never mind.
  • I've just tried to have a look at the banner website but it comes up with



    Fly High

  • There was an issue with the hosting company, but the site is back up. :)
  • Martin,
    Thank you for your participation! Please don't forget to post your pictures in the WWKP group in flickr.

    PS: Now the banner is going back to USA for a second tour....
  • What a shame that Australians Tony and Michael didn't have the banner while it was in Australia. Was it because they were further down the list?

    Fly High

  • Sue,
    No. I tried to contact all Kapers in Australia to check if they want to participate but I was not able to contact them.
  • OK Ramiro. Thanks for explaining that you had tried to contact them. It a shame they missed out when it was so near them (comparatively speaking)

    Fly High

  • The banner is in the U.S. for another pass. Boise, Idaho will be its second stop although I don't have an exact date. I am happy to share my time with anyone who might want to come to Boise or to meet at some fantastic venue within a reasonable driving distance of Boise. I'm retired and somewhat flexible regarding time and distance. The northwest is full of opportunities for the banner to visit.

    After Boise, the banner goes to Tennessee.

    Tom Gautier
  • if the banner comes to TN, i would love to tag along, i live in northern MS and would definitely make the trip.
  • I just got back on the site to see where the banner's been recently now that it's moving again. I noticed I'm not on the waiting list… thought I'd sent in my credentials quiet a while back! I guess I'll resend them, I hope if it's still on the "North American Tour" I can jump on before it's gone to another tropical country for a while! :P

    If the WWKP waiting list map is outdated and that's the reason I'm not on there, then pardon my piping up!

  • Hello everybody!!
    Whoever has the banner, please contact me at
  • edited May 2015
    Boise Idaho on it's way to Seattle Washington. Ramiro has been notified by email and he will let me know where to send it next.
  • edited September 2015
    Hello Everybody!!
    Please, could you tell me who currently has the banner?
    Please email to
  • Wherever it is, it would be nice if it could be at KAPICA 2016.
  • Ramiro, just sent you an email.
  • Ric,
    I just reply your email.
    Sorry for the delay and thanks.
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