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WWKP Who has the banner???



  • OK
    I give up.
    Where is the banner ?
    What is it's itinerary ?
  • It's sad to see this great initiative starting to slow down. When people keep the banner for months on end they deprive the KAP community of the stories of its travels, and new and waiting KAPpers the opportunity of getting to contribute to the legend that is the banner. My worry is that it is just going to disappear into someone's cupboard never to re-emerge, when its rightful role is to appear at KAP events, and travel the world and finally end up somewhere like the Batut museum at Labrugiere. Sad really. Perhaps it's time for a surge of interest, a Banner retrospective and some more discussion of it, perhaps some travel statistics and a re-enrolment of interested KAPpers for its onward travels.

    Perhaps there is the opportunity for a book of the travels of the banner. I'd be happy to work on this, I have some thoughts around how a book might look with maps, inscriptions, stories and photographs. It is a tale of a long journey with real meaning to the community that has been told in places but would benefit drawing together in a photobook.
  • Sounds like a very worthy project Simon, You get my vote.

  • I've been waiting on the list almost since I started KAP nearly 3 years ago… feels a bit like being put on the waiting list for Green Bay Packers season tickets as soon as you're born! I don't get what the holdup is unless it gets lost traveling in the middle of the Pacific. It's not like the wind just gave up for months on end. Share the excitement with the rest of us, please! :)

  • Having had the banner earlier this year, I found the greatest rewards to be the chance to see all the inscriptions and to share them with my friends and family, who are only interested in KAP because I am. I was surprised and pleased with the number of authors who were people I "know". For such an informal organization, KAPers of the world, the banner should be seen as a strong binding force. When its travels are done, it certainly should be preserved in some highly visible and accessible place. An accompanying book is a great idea, Simon!

    As for administering its travels, I don't know what should be done. The banner has gotten stuck for long periods of time in various places since the early days of the project. It seems logical from a time and expense perspective that it should "blanket" a region until participants all get a chance to have it. The map of participants is probably outdated. Some people may have lost interest or dropped out of KAP altogether since the project started. New ones may want to jump in.

    Finally, maybe the end date and final resting point for the banner's travels should be clearly defined so it will be less likely to disappear in some corner of the world.

    Tom Gautier
  • Paul,
    At this moment Ric Merry has the banner. A couple of days ago I sent him an email asking him to ship it back t me. Main reason for this is (as Simon said) that this project is currently slowing down and I think that this would be a good moment (currently starting the winter in the north hemisphere) to discuss about the continuity of the project.
    If there are still kapers interested, we could relaunch the project, make a new list and travel itinerary or if not, we could discuss a final place where the banner can stay and be enjoyed. I like the idea of the book too.

  • I'd love to see the banner next time it is in the UK. I am new to KAP so I am happy to wait until I have more experience and a better setup.

    Regards Dave
  • i definitely am interested in the project and would happily participate, maybe the rules need to be clarified on how long the banner can remain in one's hands and commit to some dates by which the banner has been shipped, informing both the next recipient and the organizer that it has shipped.
  • Hello everyone,
    I want to let you know that the banner has arrived safely to Buenos Aires/Argentina.
    Yesterday, I picked the banner from customs.
  • Can anyone bring the banner to KAPiCA?
  • Jim, KAP ninja outing at Coit Tower? I'll hang the banner from the top.
  • Good one. We can also fly it above the Golden State Bridge at sun set....

  • The WWKP banner will be there. :-)
  • Terrific Ramiro, we'll make sure it gets KAPed several times!
  • Awww too bad I won't be able to be there, I'm too poor and far away to travel solely for KAP. Hopefully the banner makes a journey across the States before heading off on a months-long journey across an ocean again. It'd be fun to get some shots of it in the deep winter here in Michigan.
  • We had the banner at KAPiCa 2016 and had out photos taken with it at Brookes place and also in the pizza restaurant we went to. The waiter took the photos there.

    I'm wondering if we could ask Nestor to add KAPiCa2016 names and hopefully his flag design on to the World Wide KAP banner. It would be a good souvenir of the occasion.
    We should have done it at the time!

    I've put this on the KAPiCa planning page as well as here.

    Any thoughts before Nestor had to send it on?

    Fly High

  • I have the banner and trying to get some NY KAPers to photograph and sign it
  • OK folks. Where's the banner now. Nestor took it with him in May after KAPiCa 2016 and surely it's gone to the next on the list by now.

    It would be good to see some photos here soon Nestor and the info as to it's whereabouts now.

    Fly High

  • Can the WWKP banner map be updated please? So that we know that it's still out there and still Flying High

  • I still have the banner and have not taken any images of it yet due to my health situation in 2016. I need a list of all that participated in KAPiCA2016 so I can put there names on the banner also I need the name and address of the next person in line to receive the banner. Sorry for holding it so long.
  • Hey Nestor, I was one of the early recipients of the banner so my name is already there!
  • SueSue
    edited January 2017
    See my earlier post about putting KAPiCa/16 names round the bear logo. (Below)

    >I'm wondering if we could ask Nestor to add KAPiCa2016 names and hopefully his flag design on to the World Wide KAP banner. It would be a good souvenir of the occasion.
    We should have done it at the time! <

    I'm glad your getting better Nestor. I see Your tracked walks on Facebook. Keep it up.

    Fly High

  • Hey Nestor
    Do you still have the WWKP banner? If you've passed it on, where did it go.

    Fly High

  • Hi
    I had an email from Nestor which said he still has the banner he took from KAPiCa2016.
    It should start moving again soon !

    Fly High

  • Yes, Nestor has the banner. I spoke with him about it during the recent AKA 2017 convention in Ocean City, MD.

    He is looking to pass it on.

  • I contacted Ramiro but have not received a response
  • Hi

    Does anyone know where the banner is?
    I think it would be nice if the banner could travel to Fanø next year. If the one who has it at the moment does not know where to send it, I will gladly give him my shipping address.

  • I have it Please give me your shipping address so I can pass it on to you (Peter_L)
  • Nestor, you have pm

  • I hope the banner is moving at last.

    Fly High

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