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WWKP Who has the banner???



  • Nestor promised to sent it to me after his vacation.

  • Banner on its way to Germany (Peter_L), I have to apologies for holding the banner for so long. I'm happy its back out into the world and keeps traveling to new places.
  • Peter,
    It would be nice to have the banner in Fano, Denmark next june!
  • Pierre,

    that's the plan.
  • edited October 2019
    The banner arrived in Dortmund/Germany. Yesterday morning I had to tell the lady from the customs office a lot about the deeper meaning of a world-traveling banner and after showing some kite aerial photographies, there were no problems at all with the free import.

  • great
    I hope to get the KAP banner once :)
  • Because KAPiFanø2020 had to be postponed, I sent the KAP banner on its journey again. Next stop:Patrick Bonnaud in CHALLANS, France. He will bring it to Dieppe, if the festival can take place in September, which we all hope.

    I am very happy to be a part of the big KAP-community and I am proud to participate in this beautiful project.

    I wish you all the best and stay healthy in these difficult times.

  • I'm so pleased that the banner has escaped and is on its travels again. Thanks for the photo of it Peter. I can see my blue Dopero in the bottom RH corner. My time with it in 2013 is on page 4 of this discussion. I feel privileged to have had it in my hands. I hope that Dieppe Kite Festival can go ahead and the banner will be on display again.

    Fly High

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