Information regarding the gathering of KAPpers including the upcoming KAPiCA '06

KAPiFANØ 2020 IS CXX and postponed to June 13-20, 2021



  • Agree....looks like KAPiFANØ 2020 and 2021 may fall victim to the COVID Pandemic.
    I have not booked any flights....seems doubtful this fun event will go forward...even if it does...restrictions on travel from the US could still be in place....

    I am open to hosting another KAPiZoom this summer if there is enough interest.


  • Fingers crossed for 2022......

  • KAPIzoom and/or KAPiFANO 2022 would be great opportunities to see my KAP friends again.

  • BUMP!
    Just pushing this back up the discussion list so people are still aware that the KAP community hopes to meet up in 2022.
    There is no doubt Covid will still be in the news but hopefully the world will be in a better place in 8 months and travel restrictions will be minimal.

  • Initially planned in 2020 and postponed in 2021, the dates of KAPiFANO 2022 are now defined (within 24 hours) hoping that the pandemic will have finished surfing by then.
    The official dates of the Kite Meeting are from June 16th to 19th but renting a house obliges everyone to come for a week either from Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to Sunday.
    The dates of Kapifano could therfore be from** June 11 to 18** or June 12 to 19 depending on the type of accommodation found.
    We will be there with Wofgang Bieck from June 10th to 27th with a dedicated room for informal meetings at the Rødgaard campsite ideally located near the beach.
    There are still rentals available on Danibo or on Novasol. Prices are reasonable and start at 8 or 9 euros per day per person in a 3 bedroom house for 6 people.
    There are also options on Air BnB and in camping sites.
    Choose the neighborhoods of Rindby and Norby near the beach and shops.
    To reach Fano: several options 1/ Fly to Copenhagen, Billund or Hamburg and then rent a car, 2/ By car directly to Fano.
    We are working on the program with Wolfgang and details will be available soon.
    We hope to see you again in Fanø for a KAPiFanø that is long overdue since 2020 !!!!

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