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SDM zip failed to download

I have not used Acid for some time ... 'til today. It does recognize my camera, upon " Download SDM ", it gives a message
that the zip failed to download. I am using a new 8 gb card.
One thing odd is that I did not receive a prompt I've gotten in the past: to allow the download, even though the work is
not registered with Apple by it's able author, Dave Mitchell.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ???


  • Paul

    could you send me a photo taken with the camera so I can test ACID myself?

  • I've updated ACID to fix the problem. It only affected SDM - CHDK downloads were OK.
  • Hello All-
    Trying to download SDM using Assist. I have set my computer to accept from an unidentified developer to use
    the ML script. The script does appear on the screen, but double clicking does not offer a prompt for my
    password. Any suggestions welcome.

  • Persistence pays. Further attempts, with successful outcome. Diagnosis = OE ( Operator Error ).
    Thanks just the same.

  • edited July 2021

    Only part way there .... card is set but the unique button press commmands are not coming back to mind.
    Need the Stereo Data Maker Manual - the one that had the yellow flowers on the cover. Can't
    locate the SDM site either. Help appreciated !

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