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9' Levitation Delta is back in limited stock

I think it was mentioned on here a while ago that the 9' Levitation Delta would be out of stock for a while. I just happened to see it is back in stock on Amazon. I picked one up as the one I have is getting worn.

Here is where I found it:


  • Better to buy it direct from Into The Wind. It will come from there anyway, but if you buy direct then you avoid giving Amazon money they surely don't need. And if you are an AKA member, ITW will give you 10% discount if you're buying direct!

  • Great point!

    I went and ordered direct from them.

  • Yes - The Levitation deltas are back in stock Yea!
    Peter Boyton called mon Wednesday to give me the good news.
    I ordered two from ITTW!
    I do re-frame the kites with Skyshark tubes (and Dynamic Spreaders) for maximum strength.
    Kites that Lift Camera

  • Ever since they switched to the 3 part spreader it’s worked well for me. Did you have any issues with the 3 piece ones?

  • Snapped 2 of the three part spreaders.....only use Skyshark or DS with the levitation deltas....

  • As Jim does, I re-spar all Levi's with Sky Shark 400. My spreaders are 3 piece, with the center piece around 30 inches
    with internal ferrules glued-in-place. The outer pieces are paired, in different lengths, for the full-length spreader; and shorter
    pairs for higher wind, similar to the effect of MIke's Dynamic Spreader.

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