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KAPi ZOOM Event - Time for some Smiles!



  • All, We are about 10 days away from the KAPiZoom 2021 event.
    Looking for some specific help from attendees who are interested in sharing during the Zoom event.
    Just need the subject / title of what you wish to present and how much time. Simple post here is all I need. This will help plan the flow of the KAPiZoom event.

    I will be sending out the links to the Zoom meeting next week. Looking forward to catching up with my fellow KAPers!


    KAPiZoom 2021

  • Hi Jim
    I have little to report but I would like a few minutes to gather feedback about the state of this Forum - since it is now completely under our control changes are possible (for example images can now be hosted on the site - you don't have to post links to FLICKR etc, and the 'front page' could be redesigned).
    Dave Mitchell - forum admin

  • Hi Jim,
    I'll be happy to report a bit about progress made with wifi remote control if this is having attention from kapers. I can prepare a 10 min presentation and make it quicker if this seems too long. I can also just share a couple of document to save time. Not sure I can share it on flickr ??

  • Hi Dave
    I think we should introduce a discussion thread on the back of your comment that the new forum can host images (with its ample data allowance!). Our friends on the French KAP forum have a 'pictures by theme and season' category which is quite popular. Maybe we borrow this idea?!

    Additionally, the French forum has a transactions category for buying and selling KAP gear. It might be worth having a specific category available for this activity even if it is lightly used. It could also be used to highlight deals available from kite sellers or on popular KAP cameras.

    Michel, I'd be happy to see a presentation from you. It appears you can attach files with your comments:
    Give it a try!

  • Kevin/Ningaloo - good suggestion - we should discuss it in the ZOOM meeting but I will investigate how the French KAP forum does it.

  • Jim, I can present some infos on KAPiFANO 21 as well as my unsuccessful attempts to control the KAP camera with an airborne smartphone ! Please send the Zoom links.

  • I mentioned earlier that I'd like to some handheld remote controllers. Since then I saw that Bill Blake had made a pretty compact and usable one. I hope that Bill would be willing to demonstrate it working at this Zoom meeting.

  • I can present for 10-15 minutes on a motorized line reel I've been working on.

  • My Fellow KAPers - Time to Zoom into 2021 !
    See updated agenda and zoom links below.
    Looking forward to "seeing" everyone this coming Saturday (January 16, 2021)
    KAPi Zoom 2021
    James Powers is inviting you to a scheduled KAPiZoom 2021 meeting.
    Meeting URL:
    Meeting ID: 868 7999 6365
    Passcode: 591159

  • Hi Jim and all,
    Thanks for inviting.
    here is link to the proposed presentation []
    Maybe a couple of minor changes but main topic is here

  • Bill Blake says he is willing to do a demonstration of his new control & rig. I guess he'll be in touch directly soon.
    Fly High

  • All,

    We are ~ 3 hours away (2 PM New York (EST)) from starting our KAPiZoom 2021 virtual gathering of Kite Aerial Photographers (KAPers).
    The virtual session is open to all, no matter your skill level from beginner to expert.
    See my post above for the zoom links.
    KAPers who are presenting - please be prepared to share your screen!
    See everyone shortly!


  • See you soon. 7pm in UK
    Fly High

  • Dave, Kevin,
    We can certainly discuss options for the KAP forum on the zoom call today.

  • Is the zoom meeting still going? I have been working overtime for the last 2 weeks, including today.

  • YvonH. The meeting has just finished 9pm UK time.
    Thanks for an interesting 2 hours. It was good to see friends old and new.
    Fly High

  • I guess I missed it again. :-( I will watch the video once online, like I did the last time.
    I hope I will be able to participate next time.

  • A fun gathering of fellow Kite Aerial Photographers (KAPers) from around the world.
    The zoom session was recorded and will be posted to YouTube with a link here in a few days after the processing is complete.


    KAPiZoom 2021 Attendees

  • edited January 16

    Thanks Jim for organizing an other great KAPiZoom, nice to meet everyone.
    For your information, the presentations I shared

      • Update on KAPiFano 21
      • Unsucessfull attempts to KAP with a smartphone
        As well as Wolfgang's presentation on his Insta 360 One R nano rig
        Can be downloded HERE
        Also, in case you need additional details on KAPiFano, here is the facebook page :
  • Sorry folks. I had a last minute, sort of work-related outing this evening.
    I was recently made redundant but have been lucky enough to find new employment very quickly and I was out with the new boss :-)

    I hope there'll be a video so I can catch up.

  • Thanks WW for organizing and to everybody, pleasure to see all together with the people from the french forum
    Very nice and interesting presentation in particular from Michel
    Ready for next KAPiZoom.....
    SMAC from Italy

  • My apologies for dropping out 40 minutes before the end - it was my turn to cook the evening meal and although I had got things started before the meeting I had to go and finish cooking!
    Many thanks to Jim and to the very interesting presentations.
    I hope to see some of you at KAPiFano

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    Dear friends!
    The video-meeting is an excellent opportunity to stay in contact, not only in COVID-19-times.
    The KAPiZoom-meeting yesterday was a good example for inspiration and exchange of ideas.
    I´m already curious to discover the quality of the Insta 360 One R 1-Inch Edition in practice.
    All the best for 2021 - good winds!
    I forgot to mention that the end caps of the PICAVET suspension (diameter: 22mm) come from old umbrellas, which I find in wastebaskets or on the street after storms.

  • I'm sorry to see I've missed it! Better next time!
    Cheers, Peter

  • edited January 17

    I agree with Wolfgang on all points. It was great to be a part of yesterday's meeting. Thank you all for your efforts. I look forward to
    more Zoom meetings together.
    One thought about future presenters- if there is to be printed material involved, maybe presenters could give audience a head's-up, via the forum. Reading could be done in advance, and questions readied.

    Mike , I think you have solved solved the spool problem for reel rigs. Old wrists and shoulders make retrieval more of
    an immediate concern. Keep us posted.

    Jim, Thanks again for your continued efforts.

    It's funny how more of us are sheepishly admitting to experiment with drones. Especially for those who spend most
    of our time in wind-challenged areas, they are an efficient and exciting way to gather photographs. Nothing however
    can ever replace a kite. Except, another kite !

    Peace and good health,

  • Great to see you all on Saturday.
    James, when you pointed out the twitching rig you hit me on a sore spot! I've been living with the servo jitter on my rig for quite a while and just getting on with stuff knowing to separate the vTx and rcRx means a rig re-build. So I have done that, including rebalancing to the new CoG....and it didn't fix the issue. So having committed the best part of Sunday to the project I moved to the next step: voltage condition. Yesterday I isolated the power to the Rx and the jitter was still there. Today, after a bit of Googling I found the fault. Some servos just jitter and some don't. Apparently digital servos are the worst so I swapped in a couple of spares and hit on a clean one: a Savox heavy duty. Jitter fixed I'm all set to KAP 2021 now so, thanks for the prod James!

  • edited January 20

    Here is the re-built rig. I have ordered a more compact battery

  • All,
    The recording from the KAPiZoom 2021 event is now available on YouTube.
    Please click on the image below to view the video on YouTube.
    Do to operator error.... the 1st part of the KAPiZoom 2021 event did not record :-( (missed all the intros!)
    Enjoy the rest.
    Will plan on a second KAPiZoom in mid 2021.

  • Hi WW,
    many thanks for the video and all informations
    se you all at next KAPiZoom

    SMAC from Italy

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