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megalithic long barrow


A nearby megalithic tomb, 47m long, built around 3700 BCE.


  • That looks to be in a surprisingly good state of preservation. Nice photo.
  • Thank you. This one has been restored, it's one of seven in the immediate vicinity.
  • This is great :-) .... KAP is such a wonderful tool to view and explore those ancient structures from the air!
  • Easy/forgiving subject too (baby steps) - a low structure, on flat open ground, with relatively few visitors. The limits of phone photography are apparent though.
    I feel confident enough with the Kapfoil 1.6 - which practically flies itself - and the Peter Bults Small0 rig this was taken with. Next step is to get my Canon S90 into the air. It's lighter than my phone so no worries there :)
  • Here are some shots I did of a long barrow last year at the foot of:
  • KapKev, where is this long barrow?
  • John, this is near Munkwolstrup in northernmost Schleswig-Holstein.
    German Wikipedia entry here:

    The whole park is a great spot for some kite-flying.
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