Bits and Pieces

Use this category to describe KAPping accoutrement extant and desired. Share with us the little bits that make KAPing life easier.

Reel with removable handles

I don't doubt the effectiveness of a stratospool but I prefer to use a small reel with two handles for the following two main reasons:
_I only fly with two homemade deltas, an R8 and an R12 which have reduced but sufficient pull to lift my rig.
_I want to travel light with all my necessary kap equipment only in a backpack. I can use it for example when I ride by bike.

Since a long time I found that the reel with its two handles was too bulky in my bag
After several tests , I made this one. I can quickly disassemble the handles without tools, store them with the reel without risk of losing elements.

Bobine poignées extractibles 23-02

Bobine poignées extractibles 23-01

VZBobine poignées extractibles 23-03

Bobine poignées extractibles 23-04


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