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The KAP Banner in Ommen

The past weekend the KAP Banner was at the Kite Museum of Riks Siemons in Ommen ( The Netherlands )

As part of the Cody Expedition Bas Vreeswijk held a Workshop building a Miniature Cody Kit.
Now who is Bas Vreeswijk ???? Bas is the Artist that made the KAP Banner.

Bas will bring the KAP Banner to Artevento Cervia.


  • Hi,

    Bas is Bas.... and in case of doubt ask Iqbal Husain to show some beautiful kites made by Bas.....
    it will be pleasure to see in Cervia

    SMAC from Italy

  • Great to see Bas with his travelling creation !
    Thank you Peter.

    Emmanuel (proud to have signed on the Banner)

  • SPeter, I am a bit confused as I thought the idea of the banner was to be sent to individual Kapers and I understood you preferred not to send the banner to festivals…. Are there new rules or is it because the author of the banner will bring it to Cervia ?

  • edited February 2023

    The KAP banner story rises again and I chuckle once more at our dear Simon H's comment many years ago about the likely progress the banner will make through the community! 10 years and a handful of days ago it arrived on my small island.
    Fort Pembroke WWKP

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