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Wishing you all a merry christmas and a happy new year....

A great KAP session over the salinas in Cervia, Italy withy Wolfgang Bieck and Michel Gressier

Looking forward to meet you in 2023 in.... Ahmedabad, Chatelaillon, Berck, Cervia, Venice, Murska Sobota, Fano and a few more festivals....


  • Wonderful KAP shot Pierre!

    Merry Christmas to you and Heidy and the rest of my KAP friends.

    Looking forward to possible meet ups in 2023.

    To move this idea forward.... do you or other KAPers have a list meet up locations with a few more details .... location, dates, KAP opportunities. Perhaps a kite festival / KAP meet up calendar for 2023. I can help....just need the data.


    KAP photo from earlier this summer.
    Above Beaver Stadium

  • Wish you all the possible best for Christmas and the New Year
    and KAP pictures from a ROKKER

    SMAC from Italy

  • Best Wishes to All for Safe and Happy Holidays
    And Friendly skies !

  • Thanks Pierre for season greetings and beautiful picture.
    I 'joining you in wishing all kapers a great new year
    waiting for meeting you is some places you mentionned

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