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Top-Down Magic: Planina karst field, Slovenia

edited October 2022 in General

We had a superb KAP session and we intend to pester this forum with links and photos ... hope you don't mind ;-)
The first part is focused on the top-down view of the meanders of Unica river:

Enjoy! :-)



Shot with Insta360 on The Rokker kite by @smac


  • Wonderful KAP work!
    Love the shot of the delta kite below.
    Agree, the hills of Slovenia can be tricky. The only success I have had is to fly very high to reach stronger winds aloft.
    Keep up the excellent work!


  • Thanks :-)

  • Superb. Especially the first image. I really like that winding river.

  • Brilliant photos as usual. The quality of the images is excellent - which model of the Insta360 are you using?

  • thanks :-)

    I believe it's R 1 inch ...

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