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Island at the End of Summer

Every first weekend in October the island of Prvić near Šibenik, Croatia, hosts a cool festival called Creative Days of Faust Vrančič named after a great Renaissance polymath that is buried there.
We were there for the third time now; we held a couple of kite workshops for kids, did a cool kite show together with our friends of the Croatian Kite Association, and of course we didn't miss a KAP session. The wind was not really cooperating - but no matter the altitude, the beauty of Prvić is always stunning :-)
Enjoy a couple of kite aerial photos, and you can find the full report of our kite adventures on the island here:




  • Nice photos, and what a beautiful place!

  • It really is :-)

  • Wonderful KAP location! I can feel you pain with the limited wind. In zero wind conditions....I have come up with a new tool.... that has four propellers ;-)


  • :-) ... but drones are an abomination (and anyway one is not allowed to fly it over a protected cultural monument) ...

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