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KAP Contest IKF Dieppe 2022

FYI, below is a message I sent to the IKF Dieppe 2022, regarding the traditional KAP contest.


In spite of my registration to the Kite Aerial Photography contest at the Dieppe 2022 IKF, I chose not to present any image for the reasons I would like to detail below :
• I do not wish to give up my image rights to an "organization" which has absolutely and in no way considered me: I pay my plane ticket from Polynesia, my car rental, my accommodation and my meals.
• I do not wish to participate in a contest organized by an association that has no respect for the participants who contribute to the animation and consequently to the influence of the event, and I do not accept the casualness and the condescending tone with which I was received.... not even welcomed...
• I do not wish to support an organization which, in order to give a good conscience to its event, gives it a "The Planet in the spotlight" theme but which, in its children/youth section, offers animations for children with a kite construction workshop where the only material is....plastic .... this is not acceptable. No to greenwashing.

All this is very regrettable and I wish the best to the participants.

Too bad, kites are nice, friends are here but this post covid edition is one to forget in terms of organisation.


  • Copyright is always a contentious issue, and all too frequently organisers of competitions of many kinds seem to imagine that the entrants are going meekly to accept the loss of their rights in return for the possible (often slim) chance of receiving some "reward" in the form of a prize or high placing. It sounds as if in this case those responsible couldn't even treat the participants decently. I hope they were not actual KAP practitioners, who should know better. The hypocrisy of the plastic kites whilst "saving the planet" is shocking.

  • So what locally sourced natural materials could be used for the kite workshop? or would reused materials even if they are plastics fit better with saving the planet?

  • Better not to have the workshop, I'd think. Hundreds of plastic kites on the beach, probably poorly made and almost certainly inexpertly flown would certainly not be good for the environment when many of them get abandoned. But Pierre's point is well made that pretending to be on a mission to "save the planet" does not fit well with encouraging the likelihood of more plastics polluting the ocean.

  • Hamish, in our exhibition tent we are making traditional kites (eddy) with old newspaper, bamboo and glue made with rice....

  • Pierre that's great, your exhibition tent is that Le Cerf-Volant Club de France or other?

    Anyone flying cameras with paper kites these days?

  • Hamish it is an other association called Cap Cerf Volant.
    Battut's kite was made of paper !

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