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Hundreds of years etched into a landscape

Hi all!
Here is another of our KAP & history stories ... actually, two of them: how a 12th century field division is still visible from the air, and what secrets is a cute little church hiding.
The whole thing is here: Enjoy! ;-)


  • Beautiful photography, and some amazing detective work. There is so much history in your area, and you are clearly doing a lot to preserve knowledge of it.

  • Thanks.

    I think that every photo has a story behind it just waiting to be written ... KAP even more so (because the process of taking it is a story in itself). And it actually doesn't matter what the target is or what the technical and compositional qualities of the photo are. Three low-level crooked KAP photos of a sad-looking bush taken on a cloudy day with not enough wind can be a basis for a compelling, interesting, funny narrative :-)

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