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The KAP Banner, Second Round

In order to let the KAP Banner travel again, I propose to do a re-start.
The below can be found on flickr :

Group Description
World Wide KAP Community Project

The idea is quite simple... making a token project around the world with the Kaper community.
That means... there is a token, that should appear in your pictures, and we pass from one participant to the next one...

That would work this way, let's say I use banner as first token (And take a KAP picture of a kite flying with the banner atached) sign the banner (or add a logo) add it to the dedicated pool and send it to the next KAPer.... and so on....


Since is no longer available, there is no list of participants.
So who wants to host the KAP Banner, take a picture of it, in whatever way, just be creative and try to spend no longer than 2 weeks taking it, sign it with Name, Date and Place, load the picture(s) to flickr, and send the KAP Banner to the next one on the list ???
Just like before, send your Name and Location, and I can make a list, the admin (Dave) will publish the list, and the Banner could start it’s Second Round.
I deliberately write Second Round, if it is the second time you host the KAP Banner, simply add a second Date to your Signature.
So, WHO is in ??

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