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The Future of the KAP Banner

We did fly the Banner on Fano and it is now back in Amsterdam.
But how do we go on with the KAP Banner Project ????
Will we “Retire” the Banner, and send it as a Tropfy from Kite Event to Kite Event, or do we create/re-create a List, and let the banner travel from KAPer to KAPer around the World ?????
Any thoughts, idea's ???
Peter van Erkel


  • Thanks Peter, In order to keep the original spirit of the idea, I believe we should :
    1- Remind to all the original idea
    2 - Create an online list so that the banner continues to travel from kaper to Kaper around the world
    3- introduce a new rule : the banner should not stay longer than 2 weeks with a KAPer


  • I would like to agree with Pierre's opinion: let's continue as originally planned.
    In addition, we will create an online list of KAPers who would like to fly the banner. It doesn't matter if it's on your own meadow or at a kite festival.
    When receiving and sending the banner, a notification here in the forum would certainly be helpful.
    As for the duration of the stay, I would also be in favour of 2 weeks, maximum 4 weeks.


  • It would be good to have the banner on it's travels again.
    I enjoyed my time with it when it came to the UK
    A time limit would be good and the KAPer it is with should be notified on the Banner's web page

    Fly High

  • I remember Simon Habord saying years ago that at the current rate of progress back then it was going to take 10 years to get to everyone on the list. Back then you were asked to pass it on in 2 weeks (Kevin, I and Hamish passed it on within a weeks I think. So I agree, a 2 week duration should be the aim. I'd certainly like it back.

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