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Slipping the surly bonds

I use a DIY winder made of a steel videotape reel that's 2" wide. I drilled a hole near the hub and ran my 200lb line through it with a couple knots on the outside. I always keep a few feet of line on the hub when flying, but in picking my way across a field with lava rock and old barb wire I missed the fact that my Levitation had really picked up speed. Of course, when it hit the end, the steel rim easily sliced the line. I watched kite and camera serenely fly east over a housing development, trailing 500' of line. I went back to my car and started searching nearby streets, trees and rooftops for my now totally auto KAP rig. My luck held and I soon saw a family out for a walk, removing kite and rig from a cul de sac. Everything was intact and the cheap actioncam was still shooting! I thanked them and went about retrieving the line, which had draped itself over 2 blocks of houses and trees. Reviewing the shots later I found that my wayward Levi had taken shots of the surrounding area, drug the camera across a roof, then rose a few hundred feet for 4 more minutes, finally dropping into the street in front of a surprised family.


  • I saw that on Facebook! I'm glad you got your kite and rig back intact. As an introvert, the last thing I want is to have to sheepishly admit to someone that I crashed my kite into their house and need help getting it down. :o

  • After I wound up as much of the line as I could, I cut it at someone's back fence because it was stuck on something. I'm sure they were mystified about 30' of line laying in their backyard.

  • It's interesting to see how a free kite can live it's own life, and above all without the help of any kiter, especially with a weight on the line.
    I remember like it was yesterday, the moment when my line broke and I understood my stuff going away. Luckily, my Rokkaku land not far from me (approx 400 meters in a wide place).
    Glad to read that you retreive everything in order and functional. The study of the pictures is stunning !

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