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My first flight over the sea

Yesterday we had ideal conditions with a moderate westerly encouraging my first attempt to fly out over the sea. I launched about 100m back from a low shelving beach but found it hard to sustain height due to strange coastal turbulence, despite the land to the west being totally flat. It seems that even these beach dunes can cause problems for a kite. Nevertheless, with 900' of line out the kite at last reached clean air and the camera got a decent shot of the Point of Ayre, Stevenson's lighthouse and derelict military structures


  • Good stuff!
    What's the reason for the tilt of the lighthouse - is it really like that or is it camera distortion?

  • Stevenson's lighthouse is bolt upright. The tilt is residual camera distortion after applying lens correction. Also, you will notice that the sea is sloping to the right causing the water to drain East towards Cumbria. This explains the bad flooding they are experiencing. You can watch the full 360 degree panning video on Youtube:

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