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The Travels of the KAP Banner

Thanks to Peter van Erkel I've created a clickable Google Map showing the travels of the KAP banner which started its journey in 2009 and is still going.
You might be interested to know that according to Google Earth, the banner has so far travelled 85,842 miles or 138,149 kilometres! The kml file starts with Peter Bults on 7th October 2009 and ends at Fano in June 2022 (of course it hasn't quite got there yet, but Peter will be taking it there next month).


    It's been to Guernsey. The above link is dated 18 Feb 2013.

  • Dave,
    On my computer screen at least, New Zealand is completely hidden under the figure of the little man. Maybe he represents your visit here in 2009!
    By the way, if you check your April emails, you'll find that I didn't forget your birthday. I hope you had a good one. I'm not finding my 82nd year the greatest, and am currently suffering a severe case of cellulitis. I can't give it a strong recommendation.

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    Peter van Erkel supplied the data and he hasn't yet finished. I'll make sure Guernsey 2013 gets added. I'll also see if I can remove the little man!

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    On my computer screen at least, New Zealand is completely hidden under the figure of the little man.

    Zoom in / out or scroll the map to un-hide NZ.

  • The little man bears a striking resemblance to Jim Nicholls. So best to leave him there since he is our kite review hero

  • I've added Kevin (Ningaloo in Guernsey) to the map and shifted the centre so New Zealand is not so obscured by the little man (who of course when dropped on the map shows you Google Street View of that location).
    I need to adjust Kevin’s marker - it’s currently in the sea!

  • Such is my ignorance of modern life that I was unaware of the purpose of the little man, and I was just curious as to why he happened to be hiding New Zealand. As I've lived here for 50 years, I know that NZ is often left off of maps entirely, and I'm sorry you went to the bother of shifting your map, Dave, just to bring this insignificant spot to light.

  • Absolutly NOT "insignifiant spot", NZflier ;o)

  • The Isle of Man is also often absent on maps of the British Isles and we don't even have a little man to hide us. I am jealous of NZ in this regard!

  • Tahiti is on the map, it is not hidden... but you need to know where it is.... We played with the banner in Tahiti a few years ago, but obviously nobody knows as we are not featured on the map....

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    Pierre - Peter van Erkel has been producing the list of places but if you can tell me:
    1. who sent the banner to you or who you sent it on to (so I know where to insert you in the list)
    2. identify a Tahiti photo with the banner (so I can get its latitude and longitude)
    then I can add Tahiti to the list (like I did for Ningaloo/Kevin - he sent the banner to me so I knew where to add him to the list).

  • Sorry Dave, I do not remember who send it to me nor who I send it to afterwards. This is very strange I cannot locate any image of the banner in Tahiti, but maybe on the flick group....

  • I do know you are on the Banner Pierre, but I am currently not working on the list. Several others are not an the Map eighter, but eventually they will be. Like a good Wine, it will take time to get its prime....

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    Dave, it is not possible that the banner starts by Peter Bults in October the 7th of 2009. I made the banner and he was ready in September that year and =then= the journey starts.
    This is the first KAP photo of the banner after he is ready. Made on a stormy- rainy day at the end of September.

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    Banner photo #1. Taken with the mighty Pentax Optio S10 - my first KAP camera back in 2008!

  • Hallo Bas,

    You are of course fully right. I tried to re create the Travels of the Banner using the Signatures on the Banner.
    In your case the date on the Banner is Nov 2009….. so that is what I used. I assume that date was later added.
    If you agree, I will use 4 October instead.

  • Peter, I agree with this date.
    I enter this date when I get the banner back for repair. So I did not know the exact date anymore.

  • Peter van Erkel has updated the file used by the webpage so it now shows Bas as the starting point on 4th October 2009. Other new points have been added. It also shows the next point to be added - Fano - later this month!

  • Peter is trying to identify who added the signature below in August 2013. Does anyone know whose it is?

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