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A Mysterious Marsh

Hi all!
It's been a long time since our last session, so this one was a welcome relief of KAP withdrawal symptoms we were suffering from ...
Iški morost is a 64 hectare nature reserve in the heart of Ljubljana Marshes landscape park, Slovenia. It's a unique mosaic ecosystem of wetlands, bog forests, hedges, peat bogs etc., a home of a many endangered species of flora and fauna. As it is strictly protected, the best way to see its beauty is from a kite - the most ecological aerial platform of them all! ;-)
A couple of photos here, and you can find the full article on our website.


  • Stunning, pin-sharp pictures with crop marks near the centre of the second picture that may hint at archaeology? A great relief from KAP withdrawal for us all!

  • thanks! :-)

    no, unfortunately no archaeology here, all is natural, and those cropmarks are just wet, boggy soil

  • Good to see you back in action - great photos as usual.

  • Love the shots with the kite line in view!


  • @NZflier - thanks ... we are organising an international kite festival in Slovenia (I will share more about it in a separate post) and have hardly any time for flying :-)

    @Wind Watcher - yes, those are my favourites too; kite line is like a proof, a stamp that says "made by kite" :-)

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