Information regarding the gathering of KAPpers including the upcoming KAPiCA '06

KAPiFANØ 2022 - Confirm Dates (June 11-18, 2022 ? ) and Agenda

Fellow KAPers,
I am working on trip planning for KAPiFANØ 2022.
Rough plan - arrive in Billund airport Sat AM June 11, depart Sat June 18
Rent car in Billund & drive to FAN0 and arrive PM June 11
Depart FAN0 early AM Sat June 18 for Billund airport.
Need a bit of information from my fellow KAPers who have been to FANØ in the past.
- Rough agenda / dates for KAP activities
- Any special information on car rental (pickup drop off in Billund / ferries)
- Anything else?
Looking forward to a fun time (if the World can hold itself together....)



  • Hello WW,
    Billund is about 70 km from Fano or roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes with the ferry crossing. If you have the time in Billund the Lego museum is interesting. Program is not yet finalized but there is usually a banner meeting on the beach on Wednesday where hundreds of banner gather, a good KAP opportunity, also on the Wednesday night there is a bowl night, I do not know yet when is the bonfire on the beach. Sonderho village to the south, it’s mill and wetlands are some other great KAP targets. During the week there are numerous gathering of different type of kites such as the box kite flying, the owls or the dragons and this is normally posted on the kite meeting Facebook page Of course all is subject to the weather. We should create a whats app group to share info on the spot.
    The KAPi meeting room is based at the main camping ground but we should have plenty of opportunities to meet for evening BBQ in our cottages. The few times I have rented cars in Denmark, I rented with, they have a good service, excellent cars and decent rates.

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    Dear Jim, dear friends!
    Please check the page:

    This overview will be updated step by step.
    Due to weather-conditions there is no special schedule for KAPer.
    Therfore I suggest briefings at Rødgaard Camping for KAPer.
    "Thank you Pierre for your hints!"

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    Thanks Pierre / Wolfgang,

    I have booked my flights to Billund (BLL).

    Plan on arriving Saturday 11 June 2022 at ~ 10:15 AM.
    Depart BLL Sunday 19 June 2022 at 10:55 AM.

    I will be setting up a KAPiFAN02022 WhatsApp group shortly. If you wish to participate in the WhatsApp group (even if you can not make it to KAPiFAN02022) please load WhatsApp on your phone and send me a private message with your name and phone number.

    Just wish I could bring my Hobie Tandem Island along...

    Now the hard part....what kites, cameras and reels (and drones) to bring! ;-)

    Looking forward to KAPiFAN0 2022.


    Caxambas Pass - Kite - Hobie TI

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    PM sent for the whats app group.
    Re kites anything from Beaufort 2 to 6….I know it’s wide !
    Re cameras, bring the ones you did not crash yet !
    Re reels, stratospool will do
    Re drones… your choice but remember this is a kite meeting….

  • Is there any information on public transport on Fano? I see on streetview there are bus sops but couldn't find any other informations

  • Hamish,
    here is the bus schedule between the different villages in Fano
    An other option would be bike rental or of course car rental.

  • Planning on renting a car with small group, Jim, Carl, Hamish....

    Whats App group chat has been set up. Please send me your contact information for those who wish to join in.

    KAPiFAN0 2022-06


  • Whats App group has been set up for KAPiFAN0 2022.

    So far we have 5 KAPers signed up.
    - Pierre
    - Hamish
    - Kevin
    - Carl
    - WW

    All are welcome to join ... even if you are not going to FAN0 !


  • Hey folks.
    I'm sorry to say that I will not be attending the Fanø meeting next month. I have some health issues which need managing at the moment and it is sensible to pass this event.
    I hope everyone has a great time and enjoys a healthy dose of sea air.
    Take care,

  • Kev,
    We will miss you!
    Health comes 1st. Heal quickly....and keep flying kites (and drones).. ;-)


  • Looks like rain gear will be needed for KAPiFAN0 2022!

    Looking forward to the event and catching up with my fellow KAPers.

    Given bit iffy weather.... perhaps we should plan a few informal "indoor KAP workshops" as a backup plan.

    Wind looks good ;-)

    FAN0 Weather June 2022

  • Forecasts are evolving pretty quickly, check the latest from wunderground

  • Fun time in KAPiFAN0 2022!

    The weather has turned great with sun and good wind!

    See this flicker group for photos.


  • I recognise Carl and Hamish in one photo - can you add names to any photos with KAPers in them?

  • Who can name all the KAPers for KAPiFAN0 2022?

    KAPiFAN0 2022 photo credit - Wolfgang.


  • Fun continues in KAPiFAN0 2022 with strong winds and sunshine! Will try to post a few photos each day.


    KAPiFAN0 2022

    KAPiFAN0 2022

    KAPiFAN0 2022

  • The weather and fun continue to be great at KAPiFAN0 2022.

    Non stop kite flying, KAPing, battery charging, photo edits > repeat! ;-)

    Enjoy a few more pictures below.


    FAN0 2022 from above
    FAN0 KAP 2022
    FAN0 KAP 2022
    FAN0 2022 from above

  • More fun at KAPiFAN0 2022.


    FAN0 2022

  • The fun is not over…. Wolfgang and I are in Fano until the end of the week…

  • Hello,
    I saw a couple of kapers on the beach on Fanø. Does anyone here in the forum know these people?

    It was just a little joke, of course.
    I send my best regards and hope they are safely back home. And I greet all the kapers who are still on Fanø.


  • Magnificent evening summer light. Enjoy this event.
    (Incredible red kite too !)

  • i really wish I could have attended - looks like you all had a great time!

  • Dave, let's meet in 2023 in Fano, my cottage is already booked !

  • These are awesome photographs. Thanks for sharing. Looks like everyone had a good time.

  • After loosing my PC to repair for a month, I am finally getting around to publishing videos collected during my visit to the FAN0 kite festival / flyin.

    Below is the first of several videos from KAPiFAN0 2022. Click on the image to see video on YouTube.

    P. S. the 4K videos are best viewed on large 4K screens. ;-)


  • I was crazy to pull out of coming! Next year!

  • I monitor the KAP forum almost daily. I pick up good ideas for my own KAPing efforts. Postings have been slow and far between for the past month and longer, so it was very good to see WW’s update today on the KAPFANO excursion. Great pictures and video, Jim. It appears that it was an excellent opportunity for kiting and KAPing.

  • FAN0 Day two 4K video is now up on YouTube.


  • An excellent video, needing several cups of coffee to accompany it.

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    Day three 4K video of FAN0 2022 is now up on youtube, much more to come!
    Bit lumpy with moderate video motion (but hey, this is from a kite! ;-) Gives you an idea of our KAP day in stiff North Sea winds!

    Day 4 is next (will be one of my favorites, hope to post in a week or so).

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