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KAP 101 on TV

The local weather guys on Ch51 have been using some of my kite shots. Last night Dorrell explained how I shoot them to his audience.


  • You're becoming quite a celebrity! Is that the original drogue on your ITW Parafoil 10? It looks as if you may have moved it further from the kite. I removed mine completely and replaced it with a fuzzy tail, which did a much better job. Video link attached, but I've now got a much longer fuzzy tail on it and it flies even more steadily.

  • The drogue and its attached line are original. The drogue gets caught in brush sometimes, so I replace it with the fuzzy tail from my Levitation if I'm flying over trees and bushes. I use a fishing swivel clip at the junction for a quick swap. I don't notice much difference once both are in the air, other than the parafoil flies a little lower than the delta. I note that the Parafoil 10s are out of stock at Into The Wind.

  • Almost everything has been out of stock at Into The Wind for a long time, although things are very slowly starting to recover. Three years ago they lost the factory in China that they had always used, and had terrible problems finding alternative production facilities that came up to their standards. Some of their kites are now being made again, and a few are back in stock, but supplies have been held up by Covid-19 causing shipping delays . I don't think all of their products will return, but the Levitation delta is already back. The UltraFoil 9 and UltraFoil 15 are more likely to come back than the Parafoil 10, I feel, as they are newer designs, but I really don't know.
    With Gomberg Kites having closed down, and ITW's lengthy troubles, plus Covid, all has not been well in the kite trade, but with luck things will get better.
    I find the fuzzy tail on the Parafoil 10 definitely stops some of the kite's rocking movement, but it needs to be of sufficient length and bulk to do a good job. Your results with that kite are great, anyway, which is what matters.

  • I heard that the Levitation is back, which is good as mine is getting frayed around the edges, and I've had to restitch the spar loop on the back as well as the end pockets for the side spars. I like the parafoil but often fly over a lot of flora and all those lines get caught on branches when I encounter unpredictable wind. I use a powered 2 axis gimbal, which has increased my usable shots tremendously and often allows stitching of several pics for a panorama.

  • Great work Larry. Keep the weather reports (and KAP) coming!

    NZflier, I was scheduled to be in Boulder CO last weekend and was planning on a visit to my favorite kite stores (Into the Wind kites on Pearl Street).... but a cancelled flight and a 12 hour delay on replacement flight the following day torpedoed our visit to Boulder for my Nieces wedding....kite store visit also got canned....

    On the positive side.... I have been getting in almost daily kite flying and KAP over the 10,000 Islands / Marco Island Florida. Too busy KAPing, Sailing, Droning to do post production work....maybe next week when I am back in PA.... Over 4 Tb of images / 4K video collected so far.. ;-)


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    It is great to see Larry supporting our activity in the media. We all dream of being famous TV stars like him!

    This month Model Engineers' Workshop magazine published the second part of a double-issue article I wrote about my efforts in Kite Aerial Photography (total of 14 pages & 41 images!). To suit the audience, the article emphases the use of solid modelling and 3D printing in creating KAP gadgets which include my suspension, PanGimbal and altimeter. The article also describes some research I made into a new type of optical horizon sensor which might provide another means for platform levelling - the concept having been inspired by the sensors used to stabilise low-Earth satellites.

    I have asked the editor to provide a PDF copy of the article for others to download and will let you know if this becomes possible. Alternatively, you can order back copies of Issues 313 and 314 from: mags-uk.com by clicking the heading Model Engineers' Workshop.

  • Aeronaut: That's amazing, Mark, and I hope that the editor agrees to your request.

  • Kapers in the news..... https://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/polynesie/tahiti/polynesie-francaise/passion-aerophotographe-1261439.html
    Polynésie la Première, a local TV station in Tahiti did a short presentation of KAP on the evening journal, to announce a KAP workshop I did during a photo exhibition in Tahiti. (sorry it is in French)

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    Pierre: Another moment of fame for us KAPers and a great chance to refresh my schoolboy French! Excellent video. You have palm trees and sandy beaches on Tahiti, just like on our island. Bright sunshine too, but unlike on our island!

  • Cool stuff everyone! I'd be really interested to see that article if you can get it, Aeronaut.

  • Mark - can't wait to read the article (Model Engineer's Workshop looks like a magazine I should subscribe to!). And Pierre - great video and nice to see Heidy at the end!

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    The editor of Model Engineers' Workshop has kindly provided PDF files for my article which was split over two issues. Unfortunately, the publisher omitted the text box which listed BASIC code for my shadow mask program and so this is attached as a Word doc file to make it easier for you to copy and run the program in the free compiler. It is also attached as a third PDF file.

    Although published in the UK, MEW has worldwide circulation, and I hope that what has been written will draw attention to our unusual and exciting hobby.

  • Awesome work! Thanks for sharing. I'll read through it when I get the chance.

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