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A challenging flight over Port Cornaa

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Yesterday I took the opportunity of fine weather to fly over the Cornaa Valley on the north east coast of the Isle of Man. Although the wind was blowing directly off the sea, conditions were challenging, with peculiar turbulence that alternated between a gusty 30 mph wind and then nothing. Presumably this was due to roll-cells being cast off the adjacent cliffs. Conditions were better once the kite reached about 500 feet and my PanGimbal kit with Runcam camera recorded several 2 minute pans around the scene.

These snapshots from the video show a view up the Cornaa Valley and of the beach at Port Cornaa, both popular spots for visitors. Hidden in the beach woods beside the river are the ruins of the Bellite explosives factory whose construction was started in 1890 by a group of Swedish businessmen. However, having failed to secure a licence due to safety concerns, it was abandoned and now survives as a scenic, overgrown ruin.


  • Great photos, Mark, and you did well to overcome the wind conditions.

  • Thanks for the encouragement, Jim. That was my first tentative flight over water, and now with increased confidence I will attempt a KAP mission further out to sea.

  • I'm very familiar with those sort of wind problems, having spent many hours trying fly kites at sites in South Devon where hills, valleys and tall trees often make for turbulent winds, so good job Mark!
    Looking at the Isle of Man on Google Maps, there are a lot of interesting coastal sites to explore - not least the Sulby River area at Ramsey. However here harbour masters often intervene and insist they have the power to insist you don't take photos of docks (for security reasons of course). I've been told to bring my kite down at Penzance Harbour and Torquay Marina.

  • Excellent photos in challenging wind conditions. Agree - flying high can help reach stable air above. Keep the photos and KAP flights coming.

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