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Traditional form of kite fishing

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Not really related to KAP but I think this is a really interesting way of using kites with respect to indigenous cultures. This is a form of fishing and it's such a creative way of using natural resources within the environment. In addition to the kite flying aspect, they're also using spider web to ensnare the fish.


  • Thanks for sharing. The ingenuity of indigenous people is too often overlooked by us westerners. The things the Pacific Islanders were able to accomplish has especially impressed me.

  • Based on this very interesting article published in the 1977 fall issue of the AKA Kite line we built our own traditionnal kite using breadfruit leaves, some coconut leaf nerve, some banana tree barck for the tail. It was a very interesting experience and we tried to find in some remote islands of French Polynesia older fishermen who may have used this technique but civilisation made these tradition vanish...

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    Montagdude, oh I agree that sometimes westerners tend to have a rather simplistic view of indigenous people. I'm really impressed by what they have been able to achieve through their creativity and resourcefulness.

    Pierre, that sounds like a very interesting project. It looks like the recreation of the traditional leaf kite works well. And I must say that is an impressive looking leaf. And a very efficient use of 'spars.' It is a shame that some traditional ways of life are disappearing. The same is true for various aspects of culture and languages too.

    Speaking of the Pacific Islands, I was in Bora Bora a few years ago though unfortunately, I didn't have any means of doing aerial photography at the time. Would have been an awesome place for KAP. The whole area (and surrounding islands) looked amazing through the window of our plane as we were passing overhead. I did take some photos through that window but the glass affected the quality somewhat.

  • Bora Bora is indeed great for KAP - see this album of mine from 2009 (Pierre appears in a couple of photos)

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    David, thank you for sharing. Those images certainly bring back memories from when I was there. I remember the snorkelling was great too. My first time snorkelling with sharks. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see any manta rays.

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