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Strings of Hope

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I know this has not much to do with KAP, and that it can be perceived as a blatant promotion, but I have to share ...

Two years ago we launched the Strings of Hope initiative that aspires to join the people of the world with kite flyers in a common goal. The idea is simple: people send messages - Messages of Hope - and kiters fly them into the sky on a kite line, a string of hope.

Last year it was about "Hope in the time of the pandemic" - and the main event was held (virtually) on Makar Sankranti / Uttarayan holiday. You can check out the video here (YouTube link).

This year the main topic is fighting the climate change. We are getting messages of hope from all over the world, and are looking for kite flyers who would be willing to fly a message or two into the sky on their kite lines, and make a video of the flight.

The whole concept - with instructions, examples and everything - can be found on the Strings of Hope website:

And you are of course kindly invited to share your own Message of Hope that will fly into the sky on a kite line somewhere!

Hope I'm not abusing this forum too much by sharing this, thanks for your time, and good winds to you all!



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