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Control for Sony a6000

Here's wishing a Better New Year to All !!!
Am once again considering flying an a6000. Looking for suggestions how to control it.
All of my gear to date has been built around James Gentles' fabulous devices. Need to check with him.
If the camera has an intervalometer, I could probably just use one of his " Peanuts " for pan.
All suggestions welcome.


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    I have used both the CAMRemote chip and also the Sony in camera Time-lapse app.
    I have recently moved to using the in camera app to control the camera (shutter) exposure settings and the CAMRemote chip to control pan and tilt. It can do much more... but I use simple auto KAP. I used to use the IR trigger with the CAMRemote chip.
    Good luck.

  • I think that James will post a new thread here on the KAP forum, he intends to close his business down at the end of January 2022, so any orders need to be fairly soon, he also has sale prices on existing stock of his excellent products.

  • Oh No! Life moves on! Keep those kites up in the air! ... with some kind of tech attached! ;-)


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    Oh No is Right !
    Not to seem disloyal, but is there anyone out there doing similar work that might be of use to us ?
    I am not real familiar with CAM Remote...

  • As Jim says, you can download a time lapse/intervalometer program from Sony for the A6000.
    I got mine way back in 2014 when I bought an A5000. Both camera and timer are still in use and I regard the pairing as producing my best KAP results before stepping up to a DSLR or choosing a more recent mirrorless option. Many times I have trawled Ebay over the years looking for deals on a secondhand A6000 but I've never been able to justify the purchase because of the solid job the A5000 does for me.
    The time lapse app used to incur a $7 or $8 charge via the Sony (PlayMemories?) store, but may well be free these days. Alternatively, some clever person may have something 'opensource' that can be downloaded for free that copies what Sony's program does.
    I'm not trying to sway you away from James' excellent solutions. Just sharing what has worked for me.

  • Thank you all.
    Sad news about the end of James' products. They are " too cool ", and will be missed. He doubtless has his reasons.
    We certainly wish him the best. Talk about another hole in the sky ...
    Kevin, in the name of info gathering, may I ask with DSLR and mirrorless you chose ?
    My best to all,

  • Maybe this helps when looking for a free version:

  • James Gentles has asked me to give his apologies that he hasn't been able to reply, currently the KAP forum is not allowing him to log in Dave (admin) is looking into the issue.
    you can search cameras on the website to show which products are compatible with particular cameras.
    Here is a link which searches the A6000, the page loads and slowly the full list of camera filters to just show those items compatible with the A6000.

    I have just got various bits from James with a turnaround time far quicker than I was expecting and I wasn't in a hurry :)

  • James should be able to log in now!

    Dave (admin)

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    Well everyone, its 20 years since my first KAphotograph. For some I'm the newbie, for others the dinosaur!
    For nearly all of that time I've tried to share some of my learnings. From my rediscovery of the un-equal arm length cross picavet to shutter release heaven. I have built 30,000 shutter releases, at one time there was 3 of us working here. Many devices went into the drones that have revolutionised photography. but the problem is the drones are now so integrated the business changed, So we had a brief foray into high end cameras, RED gave us a free camera for 3 months to develop our ultra light trigger for RED. That was very generous of them, until I found out how much the cheapest lens was to hire! Happy days.

    But as the drone is commoditised the experimenters and thinkers are still here on this forum...
    Maybe i'll be around here a little more now I have retired? So the A6000 which I fly with a peanut and the smallest Brooxes portrait rig. WW and Kev say it has the intervalometer APP. Absolutely that works great but in my advancing years i increasingly suffer from what my great friend Simon Harbord called KAPERS FOG. The App is one more pre-launch thing to set up and remember, where a gentLED AUTO has a big switch and a flashing light. The best news is no matter how old, if you have a 05C it works with every Sony camera with IR. so you don't need a new one... before 31st January...

  • GentLED: I ordered and have just received your incredible gentLED auto for my Sony Nex 7, purchased used as my first mirrorless camera, and to be used for my occasional astrophotography ventures and as an eventual KAP camera. Your devices for Olympus and Canon cameras have been my KAP triggers since my initiation into the KAP society. Welcome to retirement, but stay active, and continue to share with us your insights. For me you are among the guiding lights in this society.

  • I'm sure I'm not alone is saying that GentLEDs transformed my KAP - my very first rig back in 2002 used a (large) servo to trip the shutter! Coupled with CHDK (and SDM) camera control became trivially easy.

  • These are a couple RC shutter available for Sony A6000 Multi-terminal port. Unfortunately, compared to a simple App these are more expensive. Comes in 2 different types, one is a simple trigger and the other has multi function including Power On/Off, Shutter release, Zoom function (if you have a Sony Power Zoom lens), Video recording and Time lapse. These are available from these two companies -
    Seagull seems better, since it has a time lapse function.

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