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KAPiZoom 2022 is Set for 29 January 2022 - All are welcome to join the fun

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Based on positive feedback received I have initiated the KAPiZoom 2022 meeting.
Covid continues to disrupt our human lives.... and limit our physical gatherings....
Thankfully the wind still blows....and the electrons (internet) still flow permitting us to gather virtually via Zoom.

The date is set of Saturday 29 January 2022 from 2- 3:30 PM US EST (New York), 7pm UTC (=GMT).
Additional details, including the zoom link and password will be posted here on this thread the day of the meeting.

Please post your best KAP shots from 2021 that you are willing to share in this flickr group:

Please share this link to other KAPer communities.

KAPiZoom 2022-01-29


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    Cool. I'll try to attend. I have a new R/C rig that I'm working on for my Sony RX0. Don't know if it will be built by then, but I can at least show the CAD.

  • Wind Watcher: Exciting stuff and I look forward to joining the Zoom event.
    May I suggest that the start time is also published as 7pm UTC (=GMT) which might be easier for those outside the USA to convert to their local time?

  • Shared in the Facebook KAP page.
    See you there

  • OK OK thanks WW,
    I will join the event
    SMAC from Italy

  • I'll try to be there this time. Last time I was at work. :-)

  • All,

    For those planning on attending, I am looking for some presenters to share their fun kite and KAP ideas / experiences / favorite photos.

    I am working on the draft agenda this week. Please send along your name and rough subject you wish to present. Plan on ~ 10 minutes each.

    montagdude & Smac - thank you for your notes I have added you to the agenda.


  • Wind Watcher: If you like, I could present a piece on my plans to undertake what might be called 'Retro KAP', i.e. using my 1943 Gibson Girl R.A.F. rescue box kite to loft my 1988 Ricoh film camera which has an in-built intervalometer. My talk would include mention of how 3D printing was used to make a rig to carry the camera.

    If you give the go ahead then I will start preparing my hair and looking for a tie!

    Thanks for organising this event.

  • Wind Watcher: Sorry to ask but please advise whether I am included as a presenter in the KAP Zoom event.

  • Aeronaut - I have included you as a presenter for the KAPiZoom 2022 event. Thank you for stepping forward. Looking forward to the Retro KAP mixed with the 3D printing!

  • Wind Watcher: understood that I'm on the schedule. The parts for my new rig have arrived, and I've mostly assembled the frame now, so I should have some real things to show by then.

  • Willing to show my new auto/manual rig hopefully with input from Bill Blake.
    Fly High

  • All, Getting closer to KAPiZoom 2022.
    An email has been sent out to invite KAPers to join in the fun and to contribute what you have been working on. If you wish to present we still have time slots open. Please post your subject here and or email me your details.
    See updated draft agenda for our zoom meeting below.

    KAPi Zoom 2022

  • Hi all!

    Hope I am not too late to get in with a presentation ... the topic would be "Kites as an aerial scientific platform - the case of a Roman Villa rustica"

    I will talk for 10 minutes, no more - about how we've found a villa rustica using a near-infrared camera on a kite - if that's ok with you and if there is still time.

    Saša from KAP Jasa - kite team Slovenia

  • All, Lots of interest in the KAPiZoom 2022 event and in presenting.
    I have added 30 minutes to our zoom meeting.
    Will need all presenters to keep it short and sweet to get all the subjects covered.
    The detailed agenda is in the lower right corner of the info graphic.
    See updated agenda below.
    KAPi Zoom 2022

  • A few minutes to introduce some kite festivals in Europe, how I travel with 5 kites, 6 rigs and 3 reels and a short presentation of a new French Kite association Cap cerf volant… 10 minutes max….

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