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PAP camera rig and servo for tilt

I'd like to make a camera rig for my extendable pole that incorporates tilt with the use of a servo. Now obviously, most people attach such rigs to the top of their pole. However, the top of my pole is way too thin to support any substantial weight. So the rig would be attached to the side of the pole lower down. And I would like to keep weight to a minimum (including the weight of the servo.)

I'd like to make a similar kind of rig to this one here: And obviously, with mine, there would be one camera rather than two. And no need for a servo for the shutter.

And in this video here, there's a handy list of servo types with their respective weights at 0:40.

I would like to use one of the lighter weight servos for controlling the tilt in the PAP camera rig. However, would the larger / heavier servos deliver more power? I will be using a Panasonic G6 M4/3 camera weighing over 390 grams. Would such a payload require more power from a larger servo?


  • If things are balanced a micro-servo (weighing perhaps 10 grams) can tilt a heavy camera quite easily. For example the servos on my big KAP rig are of that sort. The camera weighs 396 grams.

  • The Hitec HS65-HB is a lightweight micro servo with plenty of torque and zero backlash that will suit this application.

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    Ah great to hear. I admit I'm completely new to servos as I haven't used them before. The Hitec HS65-HB is tempting. I guess it's possible to get a cheap rc transmitter / radio bundled together with a receiver. I'll probably get one of those simple radios with a trigger that come with cheap rc boats like this kind:

    I actually did some PAP today but without any kind of automated tilt. To get the right camera angle, I tilted the whole pole back and forth as I viewed the camera app on my Samsung tablet. It was really challenging as the wind was a bit high and I had full extension of the pole (12 meters.) I started off solo but it soon became a two person job when it came to the tilting of the pole. I was photographing a house. I'm very happy with one of the captured images in particular but I'm reluctant to shoot like this again with this pole. It was hard and there was a certain element of risk.

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