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Fuerteventura Festival De Cometas 2021 KAP

edited December 2021 in General

A last minute decision, made when Spanish islands opened up and Covid19 restrictions eased for a while, meant we were able to go to Fuerteventura for the Festival De Cometas again. We did some KAP near the hotel on the north coast of Corralajo before the festival. My original Brooxes basic KAP rig took the Pentax waterproof camera into the sky. I like to use the waterproof camera over water or sand -just in case!!

We hired a car for the Festival but we had top pick it up from the airport. A local bus ride went along the coast where the festival was to be held so that was interesting. We only KAPed on the last day as the wind on the first day it was a little light then the next day a little too changeable to fly safely between other kites with the rig turning round.

On Saturday and Sunday a surprise visit by a three headed dragon was fun as was a very good very strangly dressed jazz band.


  • Great Shadows!

  • What a great escape from the English winter, Sue! Just as well you didn't decide to come to NZ for another visit. The government changes its collective mind every five minutes about opening the border, and people lose millions in cancelled trips as a result.

  • Spectacular event, beaches and blue sky. I feel warmer just basking in the pixelated sunshine! Thanks for posting.

  • Great KAP session Sue. Love all kite the shadows on the ground and the smiles on the people's faces.

    Glad you were able to sneak in a great KAP session in the midst of all the Covid restrictions!

    Keep the pictures coming!


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