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A second look reveals a hidden gem

edited November 2021 in General

I was looking back at my photos from this year looking for images with "atmosphere" and came across some KAP pictures I had taken when smoke from wildfires was moving across the country. I originally written off these as dull and boring, which they kind of were. However, with a second look I realized that this one actually has a lot of character. It just needed some cropping (I settled on a 2:1 aspect ratio) to remove boring and/or distracting parts of the image, a black-and-white conversion, and a little bit of contrast. I like it because it has a dark and moody sense, and the haze, monochrome, and slight noise give it an old-time look. Plus, it's unique for KAP, since normally we see photos from bright clear days. Here is the photo:

Here's the original. I definitely prefer the edited one.

And here's a bright and clear photo from the same spot a couple days later.

I like the bright and clear one a lot too, but again, it's not as unique. What do you think?


  • The monochrome version certainly gives a much better impression of the atmosphere at the time. And what a contrast to the sunny scene!

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