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Henrys Handle

After some delays and setbacks, Ive finished most of my Henrys Handle for attaching a KAP rig. The original plan was to drill a hole in one end of the wood to fit the carabiner through but I don't think that would work out with my wood and carabiner. I have seen a photo of another Henrys Handle where a rope was threaded through the hole in the wood and also tied in a knot to form a continuous loop. I think I'll have to go with this option. Would a simple pigtail do or would another knot be recommended?


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    Edit: woops, Ive taken another look at that photo and I see that the rope does not form a continuous loop. It looks like the rope somehow comes directly out of a hole in the wood.
    I think I might go with the rope in a loop anyway as that seems more straight forward. And attach the carabiner to that loop. So is there a particular kind of knot that would be best for this kind of application? I just want to complete that loop.

  • Lenny gave me a spare HH when I started back in 2008, pictured below. It is the same design with the loop protruding out of the handle. My assumption is that the hole drilled is of 2 diameters so that a small knot is tied opposite the loop end so the rope cannot slip through and provide a secure attachment rather than having to tie an external knot.
    You see an alternative HH that my late dad made for me as a back up. The rope is actually super heavy duty kite line - 250kg rated I think. All I did was create a kind of double loop knot big enough for the cleated end of the HH to feed through so I can wrap around railings, posts, fences or my metal dog stake if in a field or on the beach.
    I do not use a carabiner. To me, it is unnecessary.
    Pictures below of my 2 HHs. (edit: might have to upload other 2 photos in separate posts as uploads not working properly...)

  • Ningaloo, thank you for the details and photos. I will be using a bit of a different approach. I do have a cleat on my HH but I plan to have the rope separate from the cleat. In my case, the rope would only be running through a drilled hole in the wood and attached to a carabiner. The carabiner would also be attached to a climbing strap I have.

    I notice the double loop knot you have looks somewhat different to one pictured in these instructions:

    That double loop knot in the linked site kind of reminds me of a pigtail (similar principle.) I guess a pigtail might work fine with a carabiner pulling against it.

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    Actually, as an alternative to rope, I'm wondering if there's something else I could use that could fit through a drilled hole. Something that can be joined together to form a continuous loop. Sort of like a zip tie but much stronger. Another example that follows the same concept is a flexible cable bike lock that has a number combination or key. I wonder if there's something else out there that is kind of similar.

  • My double loop wasn't intentional. That's my level of skill with knots. Has done the job for many years though.

  • dragonblade I hope your work on your Henry's Handle will soon be complete and we shall see you lifting a camera into the air with your Levitation Delta that you have now had for seven years. It's been a long journey, with deviations into (or thoughts at least of) pole photography, ladder photography, solar balloons, hot-air balloons and two-line kites (with kangaroos in attendance), not to mention delays with broken spars, but no doubt you'll soon be showing us the results you achieve at the end of it. I have flown literally hundreds of different kites in thousands of flights and never felt the need for a Henry's Handle, but I'm sure it must have some use and I'll be interested to know how it performs. Don't let its construction distract you from the main point, which is after all to get some photos from above.

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    Ningaloo, I admit that I'm not a knot expert myself. I'm glad to know that it has held up for years.

    NZFlier, like I mentioned before - although Ive had the Levitation Delta in my possession for about 7 years, I actually haven't been using it for 7 years. Ive only been using it for about a year. Plus that one time when I first got it. And yes, Ive done some pole photography as well (I did some recently with a new pole.) And I did try out a solar balloon once but it wasn't successful. I tried launching it in the early morning on a sunny day as recommended. I attached an ultra light weight action camera to it that weighed about 16 grams but it couldn't lift it.

    And yes, there have been some setbacks with the Henrys Handle. A family member sourced some wood for it on the mainland and brought it back to the island where I currently live but it mysteriously disappeared. There's no sign of that wood anywhere. And it's not often when we make trips to the main town on the island (to get the parts I need and find some replacement wood.) Anyhow, it's close to being finished. Ive got the new wood and Ive attached the cleat to it.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I was busy with study earlier this year so that caused another delay with the construction of the Henrys Handle.

  • Actually, Ive changed my mind about threading a rope through the HH and tieing a knot. I'll use a short rock climbing loop (also known as a sling) and attach the carabiner to that.

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    My contribution to this thread is not that significant. I have found that a double cleat aids in securing hard pulling kites.

    I can loop in a figure-8 pattern around the two cleats.

  • Very interesting. I haven't seen a HH with two cleats before. I'll be using a Levitation Delta with mine which doesn't have a super strong pull. Though you never know, later down the track, I may acquire another kite with stronger pull. I do admit that the KAP Foil 3.0 is tempting and Ive heard that particular kite can have a very strong pull. I hope the single cleat on my HH will be okay.

  • You are right about KAP kites with equipment. I also fly a single line kite with additional kites tied off the main line. I have had as many as five kites flying in this configuration. This can create a strong pull. I connect my Henry’s Handle to a sand anchor at the beach, and to any available fixed object— a fence post, car bumper, stone beach, etc.— away from beaches.

  • Fives kites on the same line? That sounds like an incredibly strong pull. I bet that would feel like you were in a tug of war with Arnold Schwarzenegger! It would make for quite a display in the sky but I don't have any plans for doing that myself.

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