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Another Type of Roll Stabiliser

Here is another idea I have evaluated for preventing revolution of the camera rig around the line. For it to work you require a suspension that provides a rigid connection between the camera platform and line attachment. Thus it has been tested with my aeronaut dual-pulley type of (rigid) suspension. The concept combines inertial and aerodynamic forces to stabilise the roll. Therefore it might be called the AeroKinetic stabiliser!

A 1m long carbon tubular beam is pivoted at the centre and weighted at the ends to provide the inertial element. Whenever the suspension rolls, movement of this beam is delayed by inertia, driving a differential gearbox that moves ailerons to counter the roll. Prototype ailerons were made of balsa and the bevel gearbox parts 3D printed. The gearbox has ball bearings for low friction. The assembly was mounted atop my suspension but during flight tests only modest roll damping was achieved because the ailerons are too small. However, the idea does show potential and perhaps someone would like to take it further?

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