Information regarding the gathering of KAPpers including the upcoming KAPiCA '06

KAPiFANØ 2022....... Dates are confirmed

The kite meeting is June 16-19, KAPiFANØ 2022 will be 11-18 June or 12-19 June.
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  • COME ON! The lack of foreign travel in the last 18 months has mentally crippling for me. It's so good to have something to look forward to.

  • Pierre, it would be helpful if the information on the facebook page reflected the dates that you post here.

  • Hamish, you are absolutely right and it may look confusing but since rentals are for one week starting on the week end, it may be easier to start on June 11 or 12, pre and post KAPi will be an option between June 10 and 27.

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