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A Question - Thermal Infrared Camera

Hi all!
Does anyone have any experience with thermal (true) infrared cameras? The likes of FLIR one or Seek Thermal?
We have an opportunity to observe a pack of wolves when the snow covers the area, and we'd like to use a kite to record them.
The ideal specs are 320 x 240 resolution or higher, range of 150 m, and, of course, cheap :-)


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    The Seek I had was useless, go for the Flir One and tape it to the phone.
    I have two 320x240 Flir PathFindIRs and they are nowhere near as good as the lower resolution Flir One.
    For those unaware of my page: http://www.armadale.org.uk/aerialthermography.htm
    150m is possibly a bit high but may be OK.
    My routine UK CAA permission is 122m maximum (specifically 400ft).

  • Thanks!

    Yes, FLIR one is cool because it puts together a visual and an infrared photo and thus 'fakes' a higher resolution - but that won't work at night because there would be noting on the visual photo ...

    We take 150 m distance from the camera to the wildlife as a maximum, as we wouldn't be shooting straight down.

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