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An agreement for kite flying on the Isle of Man

After submitting a formal proposal, I have today obtained a personal permit for kite flying here. There are, of course, some restrictions that include: when flying above 400' I must include a separate observer to look out for aircraft; no flying at all within a Restricted Zone that encompasses the southern half of the Island, plus some way out to sea; there must always be line of sight to the kite; there are agreed weight limits on the kite and suspended gear. Finally, I must keep a log of each flight, with altimeter records if available, and this log can be inspected at the CAA's request.

The Manx CAA have been very helpful and I am very happy to comply with their wishes. Onwards and upwards with happy LEGAL flying and thanks again to this Forum for prompting me in this direction.


  • Cool! Seems there are reasonable people running the CAA :-)

    Good legal winds to you!

  • Great news.!

    What are the weight limits for the kite and suspended gear?


  • Sounds great. You have done well and are now in a very special position.

  • The suspended gear must not exceed 1.0 kilogram and a secondary restraint shall be provided to the equipment. The maximum mass of the kite shall be 0.389 kg, and the span shall be a maximum of 9 feet (all numbers that I provided). These and other conditions listed in the Permission seem perfectly reasonable. The only disappointment is the inability to fly south over interesting targets such as Peel Castle and the Calf of Man (a beautiful adjoining island). This must be because of traffic to and from Ronaldsway Airport between the UK and Ireland.

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