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A New Kite and a New Rig

So we got a new KAP kite - a Rokker! - and a R/C KAP rig from Sandro Macchi, and we went straight to Bloke high plateau to test them.
The rokker flew just for a couple of minutes (the spine was too short and we didn't bother to check the bridle) - it needs some fine tuning and a couple of test flights, but it is obvious it will be a true KAP workhorse! :-)
The R/C rig is also very cool - no video feed yet, so it was fun to guess where the camera is pointed at 400 m away ... we used it more like an AutoKAP, letting it turn slowly and just adjusting the tilt.
The results? Here are a couple of KAP photos from the session, and check out the whole story (with more kite aerial photos of beautiful Bloke plateau) on our website:


  • Fantastic results with your new gear. The area sounds marvellous - do you ever encounter any of the large wild animals while you're out KAPping?

  • Thanks!
    And no! Never have we ever seen a wild animal in all those KAP sessions in rather wild areas of Slovenia. Bloke plateau is renowned for its wildlife - bears, wolves, lynxes, golden jackals, herds of deer, boars etc. - but no luck :-(
    We have a plan, though - we need to get a true thermal infrared camera and go back with a wildlife expert and guide when the snow covers the land :-)

  • A very photographic spot!

  • It is :-) ... and reportedly a home of a pack of Golden jackals (none seen, of course) ...

  • Very beautiful pictures above your very beautiful country! They do seem to be taken from pretty high up though. What (if any) are the legal limits to kite flying in Slovenia? We hope that you are within the law and are not going to be imprisoned up on a cold clammy cloud somewhere!

    The reason I ask is that we have been talking about this issue on the KAPforum.

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    Well, the situation here is a bit complicated. While drones are restricted to 150m, the CAA (after a bizarre dispute with a "concerned member of the public") ruled that kites are not under their jurisdiction and that one can pretty much fly anywhere - except in the airport area of course - and as high as one can.
    However, the general rules (recklessness, creating danger, liability for causing damage, etc.), and the common sense still apply. We try not to fly above roads, towns, people, power lines and the like, and we try not to exceed the 150 m limit for drones (if anything bad happens, the authorities will surely lump our kite together with drones and RC airplanes and exact punishment accordingly) ... but it's hard to limit ourselves and here and there we fly higher - especially in remote, empty places. :-)
    And we try not to get into the spotlight by flying extremely over limits and too reckless - the law will change and it will surely be the most restrictive in the EU, as our lawmakers - more popish than the Pope - usually make them.

  • Heck, Slovenia has the envious distinction of unlimited aeronautical freedom! I will be leaving tomorrow with a plan to fly to the stratosphere from above those empty marshes.
    The UK's lawmakers are more Trumpish than Trump but fortunately the Isle of Man is an independent microstate with lawmakers that are more Bidenish than Biden.

  • Woops, your English is better than mine. That should have been 'enviable' not 'envious'. I am discombobulated by your predilection for grammatical perfection, dear chap.

  • :-)))
    well, you should come and explore our free skies ;-)

  • Looks like your rig works well. And you're so lucky to have access to such amazing landscapes. Great photos.

  • It works great - even though we don't have the videolink yet, the rig as it is is immensely useful ... there is no need to pull it down, change the camera angle, and let it fly again.
    On the other hand, we are missing the workout :-)

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