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Two New Action Cameras with KAP Potential

edited October 28 in KAP Cameras

The market is seeing a refresh of action cameras this fall.
Two caught my eye for water proof (important for my KAPing ;-), simple, light weight and Kite Aerial Video (in 4K) capable.

DJI Action Two - modular action camera.

GoPro Hero10 Black

Both cameras offer impressive specifications in both still photos and 4K / 5.3K video resolutions....all stabilized with no need for extra gimbles.

The DJI Action 2 takes the cake for low weight, just 56 grams!

Who is in for one of these cameras?



  • They both look good, although here in New Zealand we always seem to end up paying premium prices for such items. I see that the DJI camera has a particularly wide-angle lens, which could be an advantage, particularly where high flying is not possible, but there are options to decrease the angle for more normal use.

  • The sensor specification of both is impressive and the gap between this new crop of action cameras, Micro 4/3 types or point-and-shoot cameras is clearly closing.

    However, I wonder whether their 'electronic image stabilisation' can perform better than a non-stabilised camera mounted in a gimbal. The reasons are twofold: first this type of stabilisation depends on shifting the pixel map in response to output from accelerometers, and as a result the image must be cropped to accomodate the likely angular shift. Second, will the angular correction be enough to compensate for the swinging on our kite cameras which is larger than ever happens with shaky hand-held footage?

    Someone needs to buy both out and publish tests for us here.

  • No idea about GoPro, as I never used these cams.
    On paper DJI products are impressive devices that could fit easily for our needs. but reality is a bit different. although i must admit this is the best improvement i've experienced in kaping for years, recent attempts to have osmo Pocket as a easy and light gear for kap is not yet achieved without limitations.
    imho, the DJI ecosystem is somehow very closed: wifi range is short, repeater are not "recommended", the app are supposed to only works with "approved phones" ...

    More over DJI is not really open to clarify the weaknesses of the product. eg the new action 2 is very light, but what if we miss the connector for charging or getting the media ? But at the end, this is also good news: we'll find soon second hand devices !

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