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windmills surrounded by buildings

Not all Dutch windmills can catch the wind like they did shortly after they were built. Often windmills were built just outside a village or town but when these villages grew, the windmills got surrounded by houses. The windmills that many tourists visit at Kinderdijk were drainage mills, built in a polder, surrounded by pasture. Many windmills were built for other purposes and you often find them in villages. Like this one in Wemeldinge; Aeolus, built in 1869. In operation until 1963.It's a tower-mill that was built extra tall in order to catch more wind. I had to launch my kite outside the village and walk into a rather narrow street lined with trees.

I had to wait for wind and sun coming from the right direction. The windmill was in operation during my KAP-session. The miller is visible wearing coveralls.


  • wonderful - I admire your persistence, that must have been a tricky walk to get so close!

  • What a great subject for aerial photography, and very skillfully done!

  • great shots made in - I presume - very difficult conditions! :-)

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