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A Wonder of Nature

The intermittent Lake Cerknica in Slovenia is a true gem ... we fly there often and it always looks different :-)
Enjoy the photos, and many more can be found on our website:


  • Beautiful! 😎 Love the walking paths. Good place to fly!

  • Great photos as always. The (presumably floating?) clumps of vegetation near the shore look as if they will spread right over the lake eventually, so I can see that the view is ever-changing as you say.

  • Thank you both :-)

    Yes - the water lilies spread when the lake fills up, they are capable to withstand the complete disappearance of the lake and just wait dried up for the rains to come :-)

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    A beautyfull country, deserved to be more known than "only" by it's bears, honey and great champions ;o)

  • Great shots of a unique landscape. It would be nice to have a series of the same spot in different seasons or varying water level.

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