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Collaborating with local families, Zochrot, and PublicLab, FA analysed aerial photographs from 1945—three years before the creation of the state of Israel—and compared them with a contemporary ground level archaeological survey, as well as with contemporary aerial images taken from cameras suspended from kites Forensic Architecture


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    Love the story and application of KAP.
    Spent a fair bit of time flying kites and taking the Middle East.... see few shots above Jerico.... More here:


    Jericho From Above
    Jericho From Above
    Jericho From Above
    Jericho from Above
    Jericho from Above

  • @Wind Watcher: I hope no walls fell on you while you were there, Jim!

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    @NZflier, the Israelites saw the kite line and thought it was the cord hanging from Rahab's window, so they left him alone.

  • @NZflier - no walls fell....while I was there.... but many smiles were shared....which are way stronger than walls!

    @montagdude - and I left by way of the hills... back to Jerusalem ... eventually ... for some more smiles and fun KAP....

    The Holy City of Jerusalem - Kite Above Jaffa Gate

  • Wow
    interesting GercodeRuijter !
    for WindWatcher : even in Jerico.... unbelievable the number of places where you with KAP activity... the DOPERO looks BKT production... Master Piotr...

    SMAC from Italy

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