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KAP and kayaking in Buffalo, NY

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I don't get that many chances to KAP outside of Southern Maryland, so of course I brought my Rokker kite and KAP gear on vacation visiting my parents in Buffalo. Here are a few pictures of the waterfront area from my kite and a kayak ride I took with my dad. It's a nice area that looks especially good from a few hundred feet in the air.


  • A very nice looking urban location by the water. I like that bridge and the surrounding greenery.

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    Thanks! The waterfront area has been renovated within the last few years, which is good, because it's a nice area that has always been kind of spoiled by urban decay. Niagara Falls isn't far away either; actually the mist and buildings are visible off in the distance in the second picture looking north.

  • Love the water front shots! Well done. Keep up the great KAPing and posting! Motivation for all of us to stick the kites up in the air (with cameras).

  • Thanks, Wind Watcher.

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