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greetings from Antwerp, Belgium

I already started building kites in the nineties, I did not fly for a long time, but recently started back.
my english is from google translate if it's not right i have an excuse.
I hope to find answers to my questions here.
greets marc mcnail


  • Welcome Marc!

  • Hello Marc, where are you from? I live on the coast , ( De Haan), I also build all my kites myself, sometimes do KAP with GoPro.

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    hello true colors, I'm from Deurne near Antwerp

  • Welcome Marc to the KAP forum.
    Antwerp is one of my favorite KAP sites!
    Enjoy a couple of KAP shots below and a bunch more KAP shots above Antwerp here on flickr:


    High Above Antigoon - Antwerp
    Kite Over Antwerp Belgium
    Kite Over Antwerp Belgium
    Fun Over Antwerp Belgium

    Fun Over Antwerp Belgium

  • Jim, how you get such great shots in such built-up areas is a perpetual mystery to me. Enormous skill and huge amounts of experience are in the recipe, obviously, but a fair degree of daring is involved as well, I'm sure.

  • Dear jim NZflier,
    there is a little possible explanation for WW... the area around WindWatcher's house is SO DANGEROUS that flying in Antwerp is just a relaxing experience...
    a kite in Antwerp lasts 20 years but around WW's house ... few months...

    SMAC from Italy

  • Yes, I've noticed that nasty things happen to kites in that neighborhood!

  • Yes, WW proving grounds sharpen the kite flying skills....gets even trickier at night! ;-)


  • Do you have a light on your kite for night-flying, Jim?

  • ww, these are pictures to dream of , beautiful . :o

  • Having been with Jim (during KAPiCA 2016) when flying in the dark evening, he doesn't use lights but his kites (doperos) were pale enough to be visible - urban areas have a lot of illumination. He's also expert at picking launch sites - he does a fair amount of research using google maps to identify sites and safety boxes in unfamiliar areas.

  • He certainly does a remarkable job, Dave. And the surprising thing is that he loses a lot more kites at home that he does on these perilous flights!

  • These are great pictures Windwatcher. I know there is some space around the Museum aan de Stroom, but surrounding the dock there are tall buildings creating turbulence and roads with heavy traffic. A remarkable achievement indeed. I would not advise Mcnail to gain experience with KAP on locations like this. There must be interesting and safe launch-sites near the Schelde-river.

  • Fully agree....urban KAPing requires lots of experience, good wind, safety box and trust worthy kites.
    There are many fine, less urban, less risk locations locations all around Antwerp.
    Belgium is full on interesting places to fly kites ;-)
    Atomium from Above  Belgium

  • I see that since 2016 it is now legal to publish photos of the Atomium - until then I'd have had to remove Jim's photo from the website!

  • I remember those days when you were in Antwerp and Brussels together with Frank Dehu.. I think it’s time that you come back

  • Bert, Yes I remember our fun KAPing sessions with you and Frank in the skies above Belgium.
    Looking forward to more fun KAP KAP rig is still under tilt servo is next to be installed....
    Kite Over Brussels

    Top of the Brussels  triumphal arch, Parc du Cinquantenaire Kite Over Brussels

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