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Kite aerial archaeology - chasing Roman roads

It's a rather long read, but ...

Check out the story about how we chased some putative Roman roads on Ljubljana Marshes landscape park with a kite and a multi-spectral (visual + near-infrared) camera, and what lessons have we learned :-)

Here are a couple of photos - the first shows another kite in action, the second an old, now dry, river channel meandering across a meadow, and the third a possible Roman road disappearing into the marsh.


  • great story, nice pictures. Maybe it's not a very effective, but flying kites is much more fun than drilling boreholes and taking soil samples. Maybe next time the 'real' archeologists could help you select an interesting site to explore?

  • Thanks! :-)

    They will - we have a meeting next week about helping a team of real archaeologists with a long-term aerial monitoring of a neolithic pile-dwelling site. We will fly kites anyay, so why not do some science with them :-)

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