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Sony A6000 and 20mm Lens Destroyed….Again….Yes….Again - Part 1 of 2

KAP adventures above the Caxambass Pass, Florida….One of my favorite places to sail and fly kites.

Out soaking in the beautiful sunshine, blue green water and white sand with pelicans and dolphins passing by….Yes a fun place to fly kites.

A short sail out into Caxambass Pass on my Hobie TI sailing kayak and I was standing on one of the many “10,000 Islands”. A beautiful place to fly kites and do some Kite Aerial Photography (KAP).

Sand Art - Marco Island Florida

I have been coming to this location for over 15 years…..shooting KAP with my Canon A570is, Canon G-9, Canon S100 and a few Go Pros along the way. Recent years I was lucky enough to build a more advanced Auto KAP rig sporting the Sony A5000, then the Sony A5100 and eventually after about 10 years of nonstop KAP fun I moved to the Sony A6000. The APC mirrorless camera fitted with a very sharp Sony 20mm prime lens. The Sony A6000 is a solid performer and I have taken 10s of thousands of KAP photos from all around the world….just not with the same Sony A6000 ….

Just 5 years ago…the Island I was standing on did not even exist…shifting sand… changes everything….

Time moves along….and so do my kites and cameras…..

I am losing track… of cameras lost during KAP … few that I remember include:

  • Nikon Coolpix S5 – ended up in the Irish Sea near Giant’s Causeway Northern Ireland

  • Canon A570IS – shoot with CHDK scripts - stollen from my rental car in Montreal

  • Replacement A570IS shooting auto KAP with CHDK scripts – kite line cut by Coast Guard helicopter – camera fell into the Delaware River – did get it back with photos. This camera was like a cat with many lives…it lived on to take many KAP shots… Full story here with links to the pictures…. http://kapforum.org/discussion/discussion/comment/16544#Comment_16544

  • The replacement A570IS died a second time on the beaches of Nettuno / Anzio, Italy….sand got into the retractable lens and camera was toast. http://kapforum.org/discussion/discussion/1897/kite-over-anzio-italy-crash-landing-eat-sand-a570-broke/p1

  • Canon S100 - Lost at sea – I cut my own kite line with another kite line…. The kite line with the KAP rig…few out over the Atlantic Ocean flying free…under my big Dopero kite with the auto KAP rig still taking pictures as the kite disappeared over the Eastern horizon….this one hurt … I watch the kite with my family via binoculars till the dopero few beyond visual range. Story here: http://kapforum.org/discussion/discussion/comment/51123#Comment_51123

  • Jump ahead a few years….more cautious flying….and a few lucky KAP cameras got retired and are still with me but not flying and are now parked on the shelf. Cameras include the Canon S95, Canon S100 (replacement), Canon SD100, Canon G9, Sony Next 5T, Sony Next 5, Sony A5100, …

  • Sony A6000 – took a dive into Boston Harbor – repeat of the Boston Tea Party…. During a night KAP session – a long run of 3 years with no KAP camera losses … came to a wet end on a cold night in Boston. Story here: http://kapforum.org/discussion/discussion/comment/63197#Comment_63197.

  • A memory card for a Sony A6000 …. Bit odd …. And I have not had the courage to write this story yet…. Perhaps in the coming months….has to do with Mumbai India, …. Multiple hours in a police station with all my gear confiscated…. Full story sometime…. Maybe…. in the future….

  • Caution left town…. A Pandemic moved in…. and KAP cameras…. Got nervous….

  • I lost my second Sony A6000 in March 2020 – just as the Covid pandemic was hitting hard here in the US… a defective kite line snapped and took my Levitation delta, dynamic spreader and dual camera KAP rig sporting my second A6000 and my GoPro Hero 3 cameras out over the Gulf of Mexico – flying free. The dual camera KAP rig had just enough weight to drop to the top of the waves…only to have the trusty Levitation delta drag it out to sea…. It really hurts to loose it all (kite, KAP rig and cameras)… http://kapforum.org/discussion/discussion/6149/lost-at-sea-again/p1

Part 1 of 2 (due to size of post restrictions....).

Part 2 contains photos of the saltwater damage to the Sony A6000....


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