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Embracing the cryptoverse - NFTs

I'm just curious to know if anyone has minted any of their KAP (or other) pictures and placed them for sale on an NFT marketplace?
If yes, what marketplace(s) have you chosen? Why did you choose it/them? What are the gas fees like? How quickly were your submissions reviewed/accepted onto the marketplace?

On my side, I have minted a mix of 9 KAP and drone shots on BakerySwap. But they are not in their original format - I have put them all through a 'fractal' processing program!
I have chosen BakerySwap on the basis that it is a relatively new platform and because I can link my Binance Smart Chain wallet containing some BNB in an effort to avoid large ETH gas fees which come with using the larger and more well established NFT marketplaces. The gas fees vary, but the process of minting and placing for sale is costing around GBP 1.50-1.60 per 'artwork'.

I appreciate that many KAPers out there will have no interest in cryptocurrency, but I wanted to open up a discussion just in case some of you are. An insane amount of cash (>USD 3 trillion?) has been vested into the thousands of cryptocurrencies that are currently active. It is a bewildering and confusing place, but an exciting one to be playing in!


  • Sorry, I've no idea what your talking about. So no I haven't. Have any examples of your artworks to publicly share? your so right about bewildering and confusing - why have you got a Bed and Breakfast in a wallet?!!

  • Hi Hamish. Thanks for your honest response!
    My post wasn't to act as a 'for sale' sign, but you will see some recent images on my Flickr that have made it into the cryptoverse. It's pretty obvious which ones 😁.
    BNB is the short code for Binance's native cryptocoin. Binance is largest cryptocurrency trading platform.
    I never even considered that BNB might be commonly regarded as somewhere you might stay!! ETH is Ethereum which is second to Bitcoin in terms of cryptocurrency market capital.
    These are interesing times in the world of money.

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