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April Weather

These two kite aerial photos were shot less than 48 hours apart. April is cool!

First: a view across the sunny Ljubljana Marshes towards Ljubljana and the Alps; April 4th, Nikon P330 on a box delta.
Second: Tivoli castle in the snow, Ljubljana; April 6th, Canon A810 on a Rokkaku.


  • Spring comes, then winter returns! The weather everywhere seems far more unstable these days, or perhaps we just notice it more because we're aware of all the talk about climate change. Great photos as always.

  • True, it is more unstable - though April was always a bit crazy ...
    And thanks! :-)

  • Nice shots. The picture over the Ljubljana Marshes must have been taken on very high altitude. In Holland flying a kite more than 100 meters AGL is not allowed. What is the regulation in Slovenia? When the weather is ideal for KAP, there always seem to be Cessna's flying around. I scared a Cessna-pilot many years ago while doing KAP. I'm a bit more careful since that happened. The temperature dropped from 18 to 2 degrees C in Holland last week. 40 knots wind today. Not very attractive for KAP.

  • Great photos! Thanks to the Cascade mountains to our west, here in Central Oregon we're usually spared such drastic changes. The area is considered high desert and the Cascades block much of the moisture coming from the Pacific.

  • @Cor - we let 400 m of line out ... hard to say how high it went (always wanted to do a quick ballpark table for length of line -> height with say 3 different kite types, didn't do it yet) - probably 200, maybe 250 m ... There are no restrictions on kites so far in Slovenia (CAA even told us we are not under their 'jurisdiction'), but common sense and prudence is always applied (not too high, not near airports, busy roads, places full of people, power lines, horses etc.). We scared a Cessna pilot too once, and he scared us even more - now we are always panicking when hearing the sound of an airplane or a helicopter ...

    @larrycole - Thanks! :-)

  • Wonderful shots KAP_Jasa. Keep the KAP shots coming along with the stories! Love the high shots.

  • Thanks, @Wind Watcher! .... Luckily the wind gods are pleased with us so far this year, so more shots and stories are coming :-)

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